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Horry County Higher Education Commission


The Horry County Higher Education Commission was formed in 1959 by the South Carolina General Assembly to oversee the use of county tax millage for Coastal Carolina. Today, there are 16 members of the commission who are appointed by the Governor of South Carolina and recommended by the Horry County Legislative Delegation to represent Horry County.


Julie M. Rajotte, Chairman
John M. Vaught III, Vice Chairman
Ruth S. Kearns, Secretary
H. Delan Stevens,Treasur
Shanda L. Allen
Tiffany Andrew
Rebecca G. Ballard
Joseph O. Burroughs Jr.
Sheldon D. Dawsey
Mary Beth Heath
Ruell L. Hicks
Loring Ross
Elizabeth J. Saraniti
Gary L. Smith
Peter Yahnis

David A. DeCenzo, ex officio
Roddy Dickinson, ex officio
Cindy Elsberry, ex officio
Brian Forbus, ex officio
Nelson Hardwick, ex officio
H. Wyatt Henderson, ex officio
Mark Lazarus, ex officio
Steve Madden, ex officio
Kaitlin Page, ex officio
Dennis Wade, ex officio

William H. Alford, Chairman Emeritus
John W. Dawsey, Chairman Emeritus


April 17, 2014  Agenda
Summer TBD
October 16, 2014

The HCHEC meets the third Thursday of the month, as announced.

HCHEC Scholarships

The HCHEC offers numerous scholarship opportunities to Horry County high school graduates who choose to attend Coastal Carolina University. Most of the scholarships are application-based, and selection criteria include the review of one or more of the following: high school scholastic performance, volunteerism and contribution to the local community, talent in the visual and performing arts, and/or academic progress at Coastal Carolina University. The deadline to apply for the HCHEC application-based scholarships is March 1 of each year. For information, please visit Financial Aid and Scholarships.

For the 2013-2014 academic year 12 Leadership, three Visual and Performing Arts, one Peace & Conflict Studies, and 10 Academic Excellence scholarships have been awarded.

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