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Career Counseling

The Wall Center for Excellence works collaboratively with Career Services, academic departments and faculty members to enhance the career development of our students. We have developed the following steps to assist you through this process:

Step 1: Browse through all online services located on the Career Services website to explore your interests, abilities, values, personality, career and major options.

Step 2: Visit with a faculty member or department chair in your major to discuss career options in your specific field.

  • Contact information for Wall College faculty can be found here.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment to discuss your findings with a counselor in Career Services or with Ellen Hayward

Step 4: Consider applying for an internship to gain practical experience in your field of interest. For more information, read the information below underneath the Internship/Employment Services heading.

Internship/Employment Services

Internships provide students with the opportunity to link theory with practice, which improves learning and retention. Internships also provide students with valuable work experience within their chosen field, which improves post-graduate employment prospects dramatically. Consequently, Wall College students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship during their tenure at Coastal Carolina University. The resort tourism management and professional golf management (PGM) programs require multiple internships, which leads to exceptionally high levels of career-oriented employment for graduates of these programs.

We have developed the following steps to assist you through the internship process:

Step 1: If you are unsure of your major or career path, click here.

Step 2: Browse the Career Services Internship website to learn about the internship process and requirements.

Step 3: Identify internship opportunities through the following options:

  • Networking: Inquire about opportunities through personal contacts you have made with faculty, family, friends, friends of friends, mentors, etc., connect with recruiters on LinkedIn.
  • Visit company websites directly.

Step 4: Prepare to apply for the internship. For assistance with your application, cover letter, resume or interview coaching, do the following:

Step 5: Apply for the internship.

Step 6: To receive academic credit for the internship, contact Ellen Hayward at or 843-349-2679.

If you are in need of assistance at any point in this process, contact either Career Services or Ellen Hayward at 843-349-2679.