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University College

The college is currently undertaking a search for a new Dean of University College. 

Please click here to view candidate itineraries and Curriculum Vitae, or follow the Dean Search link in the left-hand navigation.


University College assists first-year undeclared/exploring students in their successful transition from high school to college.

In addition, University College is committed to working with students who are interdisciplinary studies majors as well as students enrolled in the University Honors Program.

University College also supports the Women's and Gender Studies program and minor, the environmental studies minor and the sustainability certificate.

For first-year students, this will be an exciting and demanding time. You will be expected to think for yourself, make some big decisions and ask some tough questions. Here is how we will support you:

  • Professional academic advising and peer mentoring;
  • UNIV 110 for undeclared/exploring students, a course designed to develop critical thinking and research skills, provide community support during the first semester of enrollment and acquaint you with available resources; and
  • Academic support through our learning centers and structured learning assistance.

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Meet some of the faculty and staff of University College

Priscilla Meyers

Nelljean Rice

Dean, University College

Nelljean Rice has been a faculty member at Coastal since 1988. An associate professor of English, she also helped establish the women's and gender studies program.

Jonathan Doe

Michael Ruse

Associate Dean/Director, Honors Program

His areas of expertise include the philosophy of technology and social-political philosophy.


Agatha O'Brien Gayes

Director, Academic Advising

The best advice that she received about college was “a place cannot make you happy” because you are responsible for your own happiness.

Amanda Green