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Courses and Scheduling

Please use the WebAdvisor portal to search for course scheduling information. It may be helpful to know the following prefixes:

  • EDEC - Early Childhood Education
  • EDEL - Elementary Education
  • EDIT - Instructional Technology
  • EDLD - Learning Disabilities
  • EDMG - Middle Level Education
  • EDPD - Professional Development
  • EDPE - Physical Education
  • EDSC - Secondary Education
  • EDUC - General Education

In general, the Spadoni College of Education follows the university Academic Calendar, scheduling courses during two 15 week semesters (Fall, Spring) and various summer sessions (MayMester, Summer I, Summer II).

Students already admitted to a program in the Spadoni College of Education are required to consult with their academic advisors when planning their schedules. Prospective students or non-degree seeking students are urged to contact Ms. Amanda Darden in Academic Advising for planning guidance.