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Welcome to LiveText!

If you already have a LiveText account and need directions on how to use it, click here.

What is LiveText?
LiveText is a web-based software system utilized by degree-seeking candidates in the College of Education for submitting, storing and retrieving various documents such as Lesson Plans, Portfolios, and Teacher Work Samples. 

How do I get LiveText?
LiveText is obtained by payment of a LiveText license fee of $74.00 through registration in one of the following courses.  A LiveText license is good for 5 years.

  • EDUC 111 (for undergraduate degree candidates)
  • EDSC 546 (for Master of Arts in Teaching degree candidates)
  • EDAD 600 (for M.Ed. in Educational Leadership degree candidates)

If you are or will be enrolled in any of the courses listed above, LiveText licenses are typically distributed during the course.  If you are NOT enrolled in one of the courses listed above and need a LiveText account (this typically applies to transfer students and M. Ed. in Learning and Teaching students who have not previously attended Coastal Carolina University), follow the instructions below to obtain an account.

  1. LiveText is purchased at the Student Accounts office. For Cash or Check payments, visit the Student Accounts office. For Credit or Debit, you may call Student Accounts at (843) 349-2159.
  2. Ask the Student Account Representative to email your receipt for payment to livetext@coastal.edu.
  3. Send an email to livetext@coastal.edu to let the LiveText Coordinator know that you have paid for LiveText and to expect an emailed receipt from Student Accounts.
  4. You will receive an email to your Coastal Carolina University Email address with your LiveText Key Code and instructions for setting up your account. It is imperative that your account is set up immediately.

Common Questions:
I already have a LiveText account from another school or from prior attendance at CCU.  Do I have to pay again?  What if I am not sure if I have an account?
If you already have an account or are not sure if you have an account, send an email asking about your account status to livetext@coastal.edu with the following information:

  • Your full name (including a maiden name if applicable)
  • Your CCU ID number
  • Your Program

If it is determined that you already have an account and you were charged the LiveText fee for one of the courses referred to above, you will be notified by the LiveText Coordinator when and if a refund or removal of the fee is applied.

*Questions concerning LiveText in the College of Education should be directed to the LiveText Coordinator at jdix@coastal.edu.