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This is the homepage for the 1+2+1 Sino-American Double Degree Program at Coastal Carolina University.

The China Higher Education Program Development (CHEPD) Program

Since 2007, Coastal Carolina University has participated in a unique program cooperatively developed between the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE).  Originally known as the Sino-American 1+2+1 Double Degree Program, this program is now called the China Higher Education Program Development Program.  This groundbreaking program allows talented students at major universities in China to spend one year studying at their Chinese institution, then transfer to Coastal Carolina University for 2 - 2.5 years to complete requirements for their Coastal Carolina University degree, and then return for a year of coursework at their Chinese institution.  After the successful completion of their academic programs, these students receive both their Coastal Carolina University degree and that of their Chinese institution!

The first student to finish through this program at Coastal Carolina University, Qian CHEN, graduated in June 2012 as a honor graduate in the 121 program from Guangzhou University and as an honors student at Coastal Carolina University.

Students meet regularly with their 121 Program Coordinator, Mr. Geoffrey Parsons, who is also the Director of the Office of International Programs weekly to discuss their programs, coordinate with their academic advisors, and coordinate programming for the group, including a recent dinner event at a local family's home on January 18, 2013!




In addition to their high quality educational programs, 121 program students participate in a variety of interesting activities, including the Cultural Celebration, receptions with President and Mrs. DeCenzo, and activities like minigolfing and trips to Charleston, SC and other areas.

121 Students meeting with President DeCenzo at the International Student reception

The novel Coastal Friends for Internationals (CFI) Program also offers a unique experience for 121 programs participants as each incoming 121 student is partnered with a family from the area to experience what regular family life is like.  These families help students to learn more about US culture as they invite their students to participate in a variety of activities.

To learn more about the program, please download our brochure (in Chinese) to tell you more about Coastal Carolina University.