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Faculty Peer Mentoring Program for Study Abroad

Applications now being accepted for the 2013 program! 

Deadline for receipt of applications is January 14, 2013

Purpose:   The purpose of this program is to develop a sustainable cadre of experienced study abroad program leaders who are capable of delivering outstanding academic programming and engaged cultural and social programming within international environments, who are familiar with Coastal Carolina University practices and policies governing international study abroad program leadership, and who are committed to best practices in developing and leading student groups abroad.  The program is designed to benefit Coastal Carolina University faculty members who have an interest in developing and leading an international travel study program abroad, but who lack experience in-country in the particular host country/countries they would like to lead programs and/or they lack experience in leading student travel groups with Coastal Carolina University.

Process:    Faculty members are encouraged to self-nominate by the internal deadline imposed by each college by providing the information below to their dean by the respective deadline set in each college. College deans will be asked to prioritize the applications they receive in their colleges, based on feasibility, fit of program with college strategic goals, likelihood of proposed programming to be initiated/delivered by the mentee after the experience to be successful in meeting student interests and needs and submit the recommended mentee applications to the Office of International Programs by the deadline noted below.  Self-nominating faculty members should have a program in mind and have obtained the support of that program’s lead faculty members.

Expectations of the Mentee:  The Mentee is expected to participate actively in pre-departure orientation for the program, develop a clear understanding of the Faculty Guide for leading programs abroad, actively support program learning goals and logistics demands while abroad under the direction of the Mentor, submit a post-return evaluation and self-assessment to the Office of International Programs on the timeline provided, participate in scheduled program development workshops, and develop and submit a program proposal to serve as Program Leader for an existing or new program for the 2013 – 2014 cycle of short-term study abroad programs. 

Expectations of the Mentor:  The Mentor will have successfully led a CCU study abroad program for at least one year. The Mentor is expected to agree to work with the Mentee to help model group leading experiences and processes for the Mentee both pre-departure and abroad that are in alignment with Coastal Carolina University practices and policies. The Mentor is expected to solicit observations and provide feedback to the Mentee during the mentoring experience about the group leading process and/or cultural engagement.  Upon return, the Mentor is expected to provide a brief written report to the Office of International Programs with feedback about the engagement of the Mentee in the program and the recommended areas of attention to help the Mentee be effective in his or her upcoming Program Leader role.

Application Content:       To apply for the program, potential mentees are asked to provide the following information in a memo addressed to Provost Robert Sheehan and submitted to the Office of International Programs by January 14, 2013.  (Please note that Colleges may set earlier deadlines.):

  • Name of mentee & their statement of interest and experience abroad
  • Name & focus of short-term study abroad program they intend to shadow/be mentored upon in 2012
  • Brief memo from all program leaders for the 2013 program on which the mentee is applying in which the program leaders denote support for the mentee’s application and identifying which program leader is agreeing to serve as mentor for the experience
  • Goal(s) of the mentoring experience (these goals should minimally include at least some of the following: gaining experience in leading groups, increased experience and exposure in country and/or with partner institutions, development of an agreement to lead study abroad experience for CCU students for the upcoming academic year with review cycle in the current year,
  • Consideration to be addressed to gender balancing in the identification of mentee/mentor relationships and program faculty contingents.  If this cannot be done, then note briefly how the lack of gender diversity would be managed on the travel experience.
  • Statement from the department chair or designated commitment of the college to support the program that the mentee is interested in leading in 2013 – 2014 as a good fit with the college and/or departmental strategic plan.

Deadline & Processing: Applications should be submitted in the Office of International Programs by January 14, 2013.  All applications will be reviewed by the International Programs Committee, the Office of International Programs, and the Executive Director of Global Initiatives and the results of their recommendations for support will be sent to the Provost for final approval, based on available funding. Program awards will be limited to $4,000, or the actual program costs of the respective program upon which the recipient will serve as mentee, whichever is lower.  Awards will be processed through the Office of International Programs.