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J-1 Academic Training

What is Academic Training?

Academic training is a form of employment for J-1 exchange students.  To qualify as academic training, the employment must be directly related to your major area of study and be approved by your academic adviser and Responsible Officer/Alternate Responsible Officer in the Office of International Programs & Services.  Academic Training is designed to allow a student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned at school.  J-1 students in both degree and non-degree programs may apply for academic training.  The training may take place either during the course of study or after the completion of the student’s academic program.  All academic training is counted as full-time, even if the employment is only on a part-time basis.  The regulations do not state that Academic Training prior to the completion of a student’s studies must be less than full-time and so therefore, a student could choose to engage in full-time Academic Training before the completion of his or her program of study.

Eligibility Requirements for Academic Training (Non-Degree Students)

  1. The student must be in the United States primarily to study rather than engage in Academic Training.
  2. Academic Training must occur with a specific employer or at a specific training site and be directly related to the student’s major field of study noted on the Form DS-2019.  A specific description of the training opportunity is required as well as the student’s offer of employment in writing from the potential employer.
  3. The student must be in good academic standing with the school noted on his or her DS-2019.
  4. The student must receive written approval in advance from the RO/ARO in the OIPS for the duration and type of Academic Training before the employment may commence.

*Please note that non-degree exchange students may engage in Academic Training so long as the time spent engaging in the training does not exceed the time spent in the program of study (i.e. a student engaging in a 6-month course of non-degree study could be authorized for no more than six months of Academic Training).  Non-degree students are furthermore restricted to a total stay of 24 months, inclusive of all study time and any authorized academic training.


How to Apply

  1. You must apply for Academic Training before the end date noted on your DS-2019 and the employment must begin no later than 30 days after your academic program is completed.
  2. Obtain an offer of employment from your potential employer on company letter that includes the following information: job title, specific description of your employment duties and objectives, dates and location of the employment, number of hours per week, and the name, address and phone number of your training supervisor.
  3. Complete and have your academic adviser complete the Academic Training Request Form .
  4. Bring the offer of employment letter and Academic Training Request Form to the OIPS.  Upon approval of the Academic Training opportunity, a new DS-2019 will be created showing the authorization of the Academic Training and the newly extended dates of your program.



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