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J1 DS-2019 Form

The SEVIS DS-2019 (immigration compliant) is the document issued by the university for obtaining an J-1 student entry visa from the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country. Upon arrival in the U. S. you will be asked to present the DS-2019, and your passport to the immigration official at the port of entry. The official will validate and stamp the DS-2019, stamp and issue your I-94 card and return all to you. If this was not done when you entered the U.S., please inform the Office of International Programs & Services immediately.

Your copy of the DS-2019 is very, very important for many immigration purposes and should be kept with your passport.

Remember: When Traveling Do Not Pack Your DS2019, your Passport or I-94 in your luggage; you will be asked to present these documents.

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