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About the Program

Degree in Three Program

Coastal Carolina University students can obtain an undergraduate degree in three short years by taking advantage of fall, spring and summer classes.

The following majors have arranged their programs such that they can be completed in three years

Accounting Economics   Management
Biology Elementary Education   Marine Science
BioChemistry English   Marketing
Chemistry Finance   Political Science
Computer Science Information Systems   Psychology
 Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies   Special Education

For majors not listed above, the student will need to meet with a Degree in Three program coordinator to develop a curriculum plan that demonstrates a three year completion.  All students that can demonstrate a three year curriculum plan are eligible for the Trustee Award.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact a program coordinator.

Get More in Four Program

The Get More in Four program is a four-year undergraduate and graduate-level combined degree program in which students will complete the Degree in Three and a one-year graduate degree.  Interested students must first apply for the Degree in Three and indicate interest in the Get More in Four program during the application process.  Admittance into the Get More in Four program includes pre-admission to the graduate program and allows you to waive all graduate program entrance exams (e.g., GMAT, GRE).  Students must apply for full admission to the graduate degree program following the regular deadlines.  Other admission criteria specific to each program (e.g., minimum undergraduate GPA) apply.

By participating in both the Degree in Three and More in Four programs a student can complete both a bachelor's and master’s degree in just four years.  Available graduate degrees include:

  • Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Arts in Writing (MA in Writing)
  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
  • Master of Education in Learning and Teaching (MED, Instructional Technology and Literacy concentrations)

Click here to see a sample curriculum plan for an Economics + MBA major in the Get More in Four Program.

Combined degrees available include:

Accounting + MAcc Computer Science + MED (IT) ‌ Finance + MBA Marketing + MBA
Accounting + MBA Early Childhood + MED Information Systems + MBA  Marketing + MED (IT)
Biochemistry + MAT Economics + MBA Information Systems + MED (IT) Marine Science + MAT
Biology + MBA Elementary + MED ‌Interdisciplinary Studies + MBA‌‌  Marine Science + MBA
Biology + MAT ‌‌‌English + MAW  ‌Interdisciplinary Studies + MED (IT) Political Science + MAT
Chemistry + MAT English + MAT Management + MBA Political Science + MALS
Computer Science + MBA   Mangement + MED (IT) Special Education + MED

 For more information, please contact a program coordinator.

Is the Degree in Three Right for Me?

The Degree in Three, and associated Get More in Four, program is designed to allow motivated students to accelerate their academic progress in order to obtain a degree.  The primary mechanism of this acceleration is through a consistent course load throughout the student's college career, including summer.  For this reason a student's motivation and ability to handle a rigorous course load is vital to success in the program.   In considering whether this program is right for you consider the following questions:

Motivation - Is this something that you desire enough to make the extra effort necessary to be successful in the program? 

Depending on the major you select, success will depend on working closely with your academic adviser, taking heavier course loads, and attending summer school.  You must ask yourself whether the benefits of the program motivate you enough to put forth the extra effort that will be required.

Goals – Do you have clear academic goals based on your interests and academic talents? 

Many academically talented students have diverse interests and might be better advised to take the time to explore many possibilities before settling on a major.  Finishing in three years requires a clear focus on the end goal and following a structured program of study.  You must ask yourself whether the benefits of the program align with your personal academic goals.

Time Allocation – Does the program constitute your primary collegiate focus or are their competing interests for your time? 

The Degree in Three program is accomplished through an accelerated program of study, and course offerings are tightly packed to maximize your progress during the semester.  Due to the accelerated nature of the program there is little opportunity to “catch up” following a deviation from the curriculum plan.  You must ask yourself whether the benefits of the program are sufficient enough that they constitute your primary collegiate focus.


After considering the questions above you feel that an accelerated degree program is right for you, we encourage you to apply for the Degree in Three program.  Simply click "Apply Now" and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions about a particular major area of study, please feel free to contact the program coordinator for that program using the “Contact a Program Coordinator” link.

As a part of the Degree in Three, and associated Get More in Four program you are eligible to a number of benefits reserved for participants.  Benefits include:

  • Access to early (priority) registration
  • Access to applicable Learning-Living Communities
  • Join a cohort of high performing student leaders
  • Smaller class sizes
  • One-on-One advising and career services
  • Opportunity to participate in specialized internships and hands-on learning experiences
  • Finishing your college early, maximizing your earning potential
  • The potential for receiving a $5,000 Trustee Award for those that meet the criteria (see Trustee Award tab for more information regarding award criteria)
  • Students that enroll in online courses during the summer session(s) may benefit from the Summer Online tuition rates