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Required OSHA Training

Welcome to the safety training matrix flowchart page! The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require employers such as Coastal Carolina University to provide safety training in certain subjects depending on the employee's job duties. The University has such a broad range of occupations (Academic, Professional, Trades, Administration, and Technical etc.) that promoted the development of this training matrix. The matrix flowchart can be used to determine what OSHA safety training courses are needed to fulfill the requirement of your job duties.

Most employees will only need to fulfill the course list set down in the General Safety Requirements (listed below). If you work with chemicals, work in a trade specialty, or certain job risks, then you will be required to attend more training than other staff members. The matrix flowchart should cover the majority of job duties at CCU. If your job duties fall into an area that is not covered by the matrix, contact the EHS Department at 843-6438 for your training requirements. The Public Safety Department is not outlined in the training matrix; contact your Training Officer for your safety training requirements.

OSHA required safety training courses are presented in two forms: online through the Blackboard web-based program and traditional classroom presentation. The Blackboard system will be utilized for most of the safety training courses. The training courses are designated through a numbering scheme where the 'EHS 1XXX" (one thousand level) course are Blackboard presentations and the "EHS 2XXX" (two thousand level) courses are classroom presentations. The course numbered EHS 3XXX (three thousand level) are courses that require a refresher training at a given frequency (annually to 3 years).

The training matrix flowchart consists of a series of questions to pinpoint your safety training requirements. When you have answered the appropriate flowchart questions, you will arrive on a page that will list the OSHA training requirements for your job duties (such as the listing for General Safety Requirements-see below). The classroom and refresher courses are highlighted on each listing.

You are responsible to complete your safety training requirements from the matrix listings. The Blackboard classes are available 24/7 off the CCU Web Page. Any difficulty with the Blackboard system should be directed to the CeTEAL Center for assistance at 843-349-2353. The classroom safety training courses are presented by the EHS Department.

Find out the training you need by answering the questions in the box below.

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General Safety Training Requirements
Course # Course Title
EHS 1000 Workplace Safety Awareness
EHS 1001 Slips, Trips and Falls
EHS 1004 Electrical Safety Awareness
EHS 1006 Basic Hazardous Communication
EHS 1015 Blood Bourne Pathogen Awareness
EHS 1012 Material Handling, Storage, and Disposal
EHS 1022 Confined Space Awareness
EHS 1023 Control of Hazardous Energy Awareness (Lockout/Tagout)
EHS 1038 Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Operator Training
EHS 1003 Exit Routes, Emergency Action, Fire Prevention & Protection
EHS 1018 Fire Protection
EHS 1020 Waste Generation and Disposal Awareness