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Transportation Services Rental/Return Policy


Renting a Vehicle

A driving record must be on file for anyone driving a CCU motor pool or Enterprise rental vehicle. Reservations will not be made without a driving record. It is possible to obtain an official South Carolina driving record throughscdmvonline

  • Complete online "Vehicle Request" form. You can call the Transportation Department at extension 2172 to check availability. Please mail or hand-deliver the paperwork to the Transportation office. NO FACSIMILE.
  • You must pick up and return the vehicle to the Facilities Management area. The paperwork will be located in the lobby area. There are instructions posted explaining where to sign and which paperwork to take and which to leave.
  • All vehicles when picked up should have a full tank of gas; if the vehicle does not, please indicate that in contract before you leave. Please make sure they are full when you return. If you are renting a motor pool vehicle, be sure to record your beginning and ending mileage. It is not necessary to record mileage on Enterprise vehicles.
  • If it is after hours, contact the Campus Police Department (347-3161) to let you in the office. In addition, you will not be permitted to pick up the vehicle if your name does not appear on the paperwork.
  • When returning the vehicle to the motor pool area, place the keys, paperwork, credit card, and gas receipts in the envelope that provided with your paperwork and drop into the drop box located on the front door of the Facilities Management office.
  • The time parameters specified by the requesting department on the “Vehicle Reservation Request” form must be followed since other reservations are made based on this information. Please return vehicles on or before the time stated on the request form. If an extension is necessary, please contact Transportation Services to determine if an extension is possble.

Vans may be scheduled to go out immediately upon return. Therefore, please make sure the van is returned on time, clean and refilled with fuel. An additional charge will be added to the cost of the rental if this is not done.


Picking up a vehicle:
Please contact an officer from the Campus Public Safety Department to assist in picking up vehicles after hours or on weekends or holidays. You may reach them by calling the switchboard at 347-3161. Vehicles are to be picked up and returned to the motor pool area at Facilities Management.

Returning a vehicle:
You may park the vehicle at the Facilities Management area. Place paperwork, keys, fuel card, and receipts all items inside your envelope and drop into the slot located on the front door of Facilities. If your personal vehicle is in the locked fenced area, you can call security at 347-3161 and they will come to unlock the fence for you to retrieve your vehicle.

Cancellation of Vehicles
Enterprise requires a twenty-four (24) hour working day notice of any cancellations. The department making the request; will be charged for a one-day rental if the vehicle is delivered and then cancelled.

Gary Mancz, shop supervisor             (843) 349-2514

Patricia (Trixie) Harrington
transportation  coordinator                (843) 349-2172


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