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Repairs and Renovations

Lock and Key Control

The Lock and Key Control department of Facilities Planning and Management maintains the key control and distribution of keys and is responsible for repair and installation of key hardware.

  • To return a key please email Kevin Bowers at kbowers@coastal.edu to notify him of the return. Fill out the Key Control form and return along with your key to Facilities Planning and Management, Facilities 1 (Winyah House) to Kevin's attention.
  • To transfer a key please fill out the Key Control form (forms page), transfer section only and email  to Kevin with the form attached. kbowers@coastal.edu
  •  To request the services of this department, please submit your work request to Facilities Planning and Management at Myschoolbuilding


Kevin Bowers                                         843-349-2942
supervisor, Lock/Key Control                                        


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