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Description of the Major:

Students majoring in Communication study in one of the four concentrations:  Communication Studies, Health Communication, Interactive Journalism, and Public Relations/Integrated Communication.  Each of these concentrations provides students with critical thinking, oral, and written skills for communicating in a variety of contexts like small groups and organizations.  

The Student Experience:

  • Communication at CCU provides unique opportunities for students to explore a range of communication and journalism topics in classes that cut across normal discipline boundaries of communication, journalism, mass communication and media studies.
  • Students can explore the transformational role of new media and technology in such areas as interpersonal relationships, internal and external organizational communication, and print and broadcast journalism.
  • All Communication majors also enroll in a minor area of study and select from a wide range of minors offered at the University including Political Science, History, Digital Media and Culture, Journalism, Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • All Communication majors complete a capstone experience class in which they can either write an undergraduate thesis or develop a specialized communication project in an area of their interest.

Areas of Study:

The major requires 42 credit hours in general and specialized classes including health communication, public relations, public speaking, small group communication, organizational communication, and media effects.

  • Advertising
  • Business & Management
  • Social & Community Services
  • Public Relations & Publicity
  • Media Management
  • Print & Broadcast Journalism
  • Human Resources
  • Interactive Media


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