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Exercise and Sport Science

Exercise and Sport Science


Description of the major:

The exercise and sport science program provides students with a well-rounded background in the human movement sciences.  Students acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to lead others in the area of health-enhancing physical activity and movement.  The program's foundation courses in areas such as biology, anatomy, chemistry and physiology provide a scientific basis for human movement, while courses in areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, sport/exercise physiology, exercise testing and prescription, strength and conditioning, and motor behavior introduce students to the multidisciplinary study of movement.

The student experience:

  • There is rapid growth in the fitness/wellness industry, sport sciences and allied health care professions.  This growth creates a need for graduates with specialized training and a wide variety of exciting career opportunities.
  • Students may focus their study to prepare for direct entry into the health/fitness industry (e.g., exercise physiologist, corporate fitness, personal trainer), for graduate/advanced study in the sport sciences (e.g., sport psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology), or medical-related fields (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation).
  • Students will complete their undergraduate education with a full-semester supervised internship that aligns with the student's career goals.
  • At the completion of academic study, students will have the opportunity to sit for the American College of Sport Medicine's Certified Exercise Physiologist exam, a nationally recognized certification exam recognized as a key credential in the job market.
  • There are exciting opportunities to gain hands-on skills and abilities in the state-of-the-art exercise science laboratory.  Students can become involved in the community fitness testing program or assist faculty in research projects.
  • The local region offers unique opportunities for professional development while studying at CCU such as the chance to work with a variety of populations in the area of health, fitness and rehabilitation.  The explosive growth in fitness/wellness and physical rehabilitation centers in the region provides numerous opportunities for exercise and sport science students.

Beyond the classroom:

Graduate of the program move on to careers in the fitness industry, corporate wellness and physical rehabilitation, to name a few examples.

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