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Interdisciplinary Studies


Description of the Major:

Interdisciplinary Studies is a unique academic program that offers highly motivated and intellectually curious students the opportunity to develop an individualized and integrated major program of study from across the traditional academic disciplines. The program also introduces students to the academic field of interdisciplinary studies.

The objective of the degree is to allow current or transfer students whose educational and professional objectives do not fall within an established major to design a focused program of study. The program may also be of interest to returning students whose specific educational objectives are determined by ongoing or intended employment opportunities.

When applying, transfer students can choose the Interdisciplinary Studies pre-major or Undeclared. Freshmen must choose “Undeclared” as the major choice. All students must submit a detailed application to the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and have their program of study approved prior to being admitted to the program.

The Student Experience:

Interdisciplinary Studies students have an opportunity to develop a program of study that matches his or her unique interests, abilities, and values; therefore, there are as many programs of study as there are individuals. Students may custom design a program to match his or her specific educational objectives or may choose courses from one of our sample programs, including:

  • Arts Management
  • Community and Human Services
  • Military Science
  • Community and Learning
  • Law and Society
  • Fitness and Recreation


Beyond the Classroom:

We encourage all students to work with a Career Counselor from our Career Services Center to complete an assessment to discover their unique abilities, interests, and values and to match those to specific career fields.  In addition, we recommend all students complete an internship as part of their program of study. 

  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Government Careers
  • Coaching
  • Day Care Center Owner
  • Journalism
  • Military Careers
  • Law Related Careers
  • University Administration
  • FBI Agent
  • Police Officer
  • Environmental Careers


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