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What does a Spanish major study?

Coastal Carolina Unversity's Spanish major offers students the opportunity to study the language, literature, and various cultural manifestations of Latin America, Spain, and the Hispanic communities of the United States.  The program is intended to develop analytical, critical, creative, and practical skills.  The curriculum offers courses in such diverse areas as film, current events, poetry, translation, and business.

Why study Spanish at Coastal Carolina University?

  • The department is composed of numerous and diverse native-speaking faculty from the United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Spain.
  • Spanish majors receive a lot of personal attention; have the opportunity to work with professors conducting research in their field early in their programs, and work with advisors who are also professors in the department.
  • The department offers many innovative interdisciplinary courses in literature, film, semiotics, linguistics, culture, etc., as well as an optional track in Spanish for Business.
  • It is easy for students to double major in Spanish and another discipline.
  • Students can participate in many study abroad opportunities, from month-long to year-long stays in Spanish speaking countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.  There are also opportunities for international internships.
  • The University's Foreign Language Instructional Center offers free tutoring to students, contains a wide variety of learning resources, and offers foreign language students the opportunity to work as tutors.
  • Spanish is spoken in 21 countries (seven additional countries have a significant amount of population speaking Spanish) and there are 450 million people speaking Spanish as a native language, making it the world's second most-spoken language in terms of native speakers.  There will be an increase in career opportunities for students who can speak the language.

What are some career options for Spanish majors?

Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the United States.  The following is a sampling of professional careers:  jobs in education, the public sector (social services, law enforcement, foreign service, etc.), the private sector (tourism, translation and interpretation, communications, marketing, etc.), and non-governmental entities (the Peace Corps, other NGOs, etc.).

What kind of courses do Spanish majors take?

SPAN 210 Conversation/Composition I
SPAN 320 Spanish for the Professions
SPAN 340 Hispanic Culture and Civilization
SPAN 411 Spanish American Literature
SPAN 430 Spanish Linguistics


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