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Attending college is substantial financial commitment for students and their families. To help plan for a CCU education, please see the following breakdown of the standard fees at Coastal Carolina University.

2016-17 Miscellaneous University Fees

TECHNOLOGY FEE (mandatory)    

Full-time undergraduate students: $90 (per semester)
Part-time undergraduate students: $5 per credit hour
Graduate students: $5 per credit hour    


Application Fee (nonrefundable): $45
Application Fee/Readmit (nonrefundable): $15
Enrollment Deposit (credited to bill): $100
Undergraduate Diploma Fee: $35
Undergraduate Diploma Fee with $25 Late Fee (deadline varies per semester): $60
Graduate Diploma Fee: $35
Graduate Diploma Fee with $25 Late Fee (deadline varies per semester): $60
Distance Learning Course Fee: $25
Orientation Fee (nonrefundable; freshman/transfer students only): $155/$90(transfer)
Parking Decal (per academic year): $35-$75
Payment Plan Application Fee (nonrefundable; fall and spring semesters only): $35 (per semester).
Payment Plan Late Fee: $25
Returned Check Fee: $30
Transcript Fee: $5
Business Major Fee (per semester, fall and spring semesters only): $50
Lab Fees on select courses (see Office of Registrar for complete list): $25-$300 (per course)
Professional Golf Management (PGM) Fees (for select courses): $550-$1,335 (per course)
Study Abroad/Travel Course Fees (does not include Technology): $342-$417/credit hour
Short-Term Study Abroad Application Fee (required; nonrefundable): $25     


Housing Application Fee (nonrefundable): $50
Advanced Housing Payment (nonrefundable; credited to bill): $100

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