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Research: Southeastern U.S.

3 rivers
Prehistoric peoples lived in Horry and Georgetown Counties as early as 12,000 years ago, enjoying the mild climate and abundant resources of a maritime   environment. Archaeological research in the region has included studies of prehistoric camp sites and villages as well as of historic homes, plantations, and stores. Local historians and avocational archaeologists have continued work begun by James Michie, and projects of the Center for Archaeology & Anthropology explore and analyze the past of South Carolina's Lowcountry and neighboring regions. Visit http://archaeologyatcoastalcarolina.wordpress.com/ for news about the Center’s activities, and learn about the Waccamaw Chapter of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina at http://assc.net.


Kingston work

Students in the 2010 Coastal Carolina University archaeological field school worked on prehistoric and historic sites, from conducting visual and remote sensing surveys to placing excavation units and analyzing and reporting finds.

For more information on Horry County, visit Ben Burrough's Horry County history page or The Horry County Museum online. For information about Georgetown, start at The Rice Museum and the Georgetown County Museum.


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