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Affiliated Scholars and Faculty

Anthropology includes the study of humans and their ancestors as well as their closest living relatives. A wide range of people at Coastal Carolina University investigate the human condition in ways that overlap and intersect with the aims and practice of anthropology.

Affiliates, Center for Archaeology and Anthropology 2012-2013  
Cheryl Ward (History) Center director, maritime archaeology, archaeobotany
Aneilya Barnes (History) ancient Rome, gendered architecture of religious spaces
Sara Brallier  (Psychology/Sociology) sociology of religion, sociology of aging, sociology of death and dying
Deb Breede  (Communications) university?community collaborations and social activism projects
Rebecca Childs  (English)  linguistics
Carolyn Dillian  (History)  archaeology and prehistory of North America and Africa
Jason Eastman (Psychology/Sociology) social justice, replication and reinforcement of  race, class and gender inequalities through identity and culture
Arne Flaten  (Art) virtual environments and digital reconstructions of lost architectural monuments
Paul Gayes  (Center for Marine & Wetland Studies)
Veronica Gerald  (English)  Gullah society and culture
Eliza Glaze  (History)  history of medicine
Marwan Hanania (History) peoples of the Middle East
Elizabeth Howie  (Art) portrayal of physical disability
Margaret Morehouse (History) southern culture, especially in the time of the Civil War
Sharon Moses  (History) archaeology and forensics
Brian Nance  (History) history of medicine
Wink Prince  (History) Southern history and culture
Aage Swinnen  (external affiliation) gender, aging and culture
Daniel Turner  (English) Southern culture
Eric Wright  (Marine Science) geophysics