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Chelsea Angotti

Final Reflection

Chelsea Angotti When I first entered college, I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as a career, in my mind I wasn't worried I was only focusing on the present. As the years went on I changed my major a few times not really finding anything that made me happy and made me say "Yes, this is something I would like to do with my life." I finally decided to change my major yet again to Interdisciplinary Studies at career services, however, I did not want to be stuck in school for another four or so years. I took a career test and realized I showed the most interest in the social work profession. After taking courses in this area I loved it, I knew this was something I could do. At the end of last semester I started thinking of doing an internship. The thought at first scared me because if I was bad or found out that I didn't like the field, that I would not know what to do because above all else I needed an education.

The internship is with Department of Social Services "Intensive Foster Care and Clinical Services." When I got the phone call to go in for an interview I had mixed feelings. On one side I was really excited and I was telling myself to go in there and just "be myself" and on the other I was extremely nervous because this is a big step going into a company. I had many questions racing through my head about this internship because my worst fear was "What if I go in there and hate it?" "What if I come to find out I don't want to be in this field or can't handle the work that's being asked of me?" It's one thing to sit in a classroom and learn about a specific subject, however, it's a totally different world to go and experience and work in that area. However, I must say, I was nervous over nothing. This internship (even though it was my first one) was the best experience, I couldn't ask for anything better. I want to start off and say I am very fortunate to have a supervisor like Teresa. She was always patient, always encouraging me to ask questions if I didn't understand something, I was always told when I was doing a good job. When she wanted me to get something done for her, she was very direct, and always answered my questions. I think those are great qualities to have in a supervisor who has interns. She also arranged for me to go out in the field to get experience in other areas such as family court, making home visits with a DSS worker, and taking me with her on her trips to Columbia. By seeing all these different sides, it has helped me gain perspective of the field as a whole. I got to experience both worlds, the office and paperwork side and the "out in the field experiences." I also believe that since Teresa was a great supervisor and was patient that my work performance and dedication increased as time went on which then makes the work environment even more enjoyable.

Overall, the internship was better than I expected. It not only taught me the work I will be doing in the future, it made me realize and confirm this is something I would like to do as a career. I love helping people in anyway I can and at the end of the day, people have to love their jobs or they will be miserable and not work to their full potential. I have been working hard since day one, but it really doesn't even seem like work to me because its enjoyable and I'm glad this internship opened my eyes to see that.

When I was in high school and even early on in my college career, I thought I would be lucky to get a bachelors degree (I wasn't always the best student). I couldn't even imagine myself working, the thought actually scared me. Now, after doing this internship and becoming a much better student over the years, I have realized I want to go for my masters degree, and the sooner the better. I had a conversation with Teresa the other day and I think it would be beneficial for me to go for a masters soon rather than later. It seems this field is a master's level field and before taking this internship I had never really thought about a higher degree. I just thought if I have a bachelor's degree I would be fine. I was wrong. I want a higher degree so I am able to advance and move up wherever I work in the future. Having a bachelors degree will hold me back. The higher the degree that I have, the better off I will be. I am glad that this experience showed me that.

Throughout this experience as a whole, I am quite surprised about how much I learned about myself. This internship gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed. I never knew if I would be good at handling things. I have been in school my whole life; I have worked before but nothing like this. It helped me realized not to psych myself out too much and to not be too hard on myself.

When I went out and observed the fieldwork, I realized how hard some of these kids have it and it's not fair for them to be put in these situations. It takes a caring and dedicated person to have this as a career. I realized through out this experience how lucky I have been through the years in my life and I would like to make these children's lives more positive. I also realized it may be emotionally draining but at the end of the day if I can make a difference and help out a child to make their lives better my job will be complete.

This experience has had so many positive benefits that I would definitely recommend to other students to do an internship at least once before they graduate. It not only could help in networking, it can also help the college student gain experience. A lot of employers like to see that someone has experience in the field that they are applying for, so an internship can put them ahead of another applicant in the job seeking process. Not only that, it can reassure that this is the job the student would like to do as a career. An internship can have a positive effect on people as long as they are willing to learn and work hard.

Overall, throughout this whole experience, it has been nothing but positive for me. I think that is because I am willing to learn and work hard no matter what the circumstances. I will always recommend an internship to anyone. I am also glad that my fear of failing didn't get in the way of my working abilities and overall through the experience itself.

Last Middle

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