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Applying for Graduation

This page is for students graduating in the current or next semester. Follow the steps below to ensure you are on the official list for Commencement.

Step 1: Check Program Evaluation

  • Your program evaluation should read Pending (Anticipated Complete) or Complete. If it reads Incomplete, please follow the troubleshooting guide.
  • Resources: WebAdvisor

      Troubleshooting the "Incomplete" Program Eval

  • Are you listed as a pre-major?
    If your major says "INTSP" or "Pre-INTS" then check out the Enrolling in the Program page and follow the steps to officially join the major.
  • Do you have a 2.0 GPA overall?
    You can still apply for graduation with less than a 2.0, but you must earn the 2.0 by your final semester in order to be rewarded with a diploma.
  • Have you completed 120 total credits?
    You must complete 30 hours at Coastal to receive a degree from this institution, and 120 hours total to receive a Bachelor's by federal law.
  • Is your Core Curriculum complete?
    If your core is incomplete, then you are either missing a course, need to do a petition to the core, or get a core waiver if you have an A.A./A.S.
  • Is your Major complete?
    If your major is incomplete, you are either missing a course, your grades may be below a C, or you may need to apply for a substitution.
  • Contact the Academic Advisor for further assistance.

Step 2: Submit the Application for Graduation

  • Download an Application below.
  • On the first page, fill in your basic student information and sign the form, check yes or no if you are attending the graduation (commencement) ceremony, and list your mailing address to send the diploma. Leave the degree information on the bottom blank for your advisor to complete.
  • On the second page, fill in your basic student information and sign the form. Leave the entire table of courses blank for your advisor to complete.
  • Print and sign both forms and submit to the Academic Advisor alongside a receipt of payment for the diploma application fee.

Step 3: Submit the Diploma Application Fee

  • Pay the Diploma Application Fee through WebAdvisor or at Student Accounts. This is generally $35 if submitting the graduation application on time, or $60 if the application is late. Print or forward the receipt of payment to the Academic Advisor, or attach this receipt to the Application.

Step 4: Await Approval from the Dean's Office

  • The Academic Advisor and the Dean will approve your Application if all standards are met. Please make sure all previous steps are completed to ensure timely approval.
  • The Office of the Registrar will then be given your Application and place you on the official list for Commencement and the e-mail list for graduation updates.

Download a PDF version of the Application for Graduation below:

 Application for Graduation

Contact Information

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