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Sharon L. Gilman

Associate Professor

Sharon L. Gilman

B.A. McDaniel College

Ph. D. University of Rhode Island

Email: sgilman@coastal.edu
Phone: 843-349-2248
Fax: 843-349-2201
Office - KESH 120

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Courses:  Biological Science I Lab (BIOL 121L), Biological Science (BIOL 122), Biological Science II Lab (BIOL 122L), Evolution (BIOL 365/365L), Vertebrate Zoology (BIOL 485/485L)

Research Interests: Research Interests: My research focuses on the assessment and evaluation of science education programs, specifically the NSF-funded G-K12 program here within the Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies Master’s program http://kingfish.coastal.edu/GK-12/. I work with several graduate students on projects related to fish ecology and am particularly interested in marine fish ecology. I am also assisting with a project aimed at understanding why college students often have a hard time accepting the idea of evolution by natural selection.

  • Evaluation of Coastal Quest: Developing a Learnscape Approach to Coastal Edutourism
  • Evaluation of The Rivers Project: a water monitoring program for high school students

Selected Publications:

Gilman, S. L. and C. Lilly.  2013. Having some pHun with Soils.  Science Scope April/May:  61-67.

Gilman, S.L. 2006. Do On-Line Labs Work: as assessment of an on-line lab on cell division. American Biology Teacher. http://www.nabt.org/sites/S1/File/pdf/068-09-0023.pdf

Gilman, S.L. and F.E. Glaze. 2005. How science survived: medieval manuscripts as fossils. Science 207: 1208-1209.

Gilman, S.L. and R. Valliere. 2003. The time-distance-direction navigation connection. Current: J. of Marine Educ. 19(3): 27-31.

Libes, S.M., J.T. Bennett, S.L. Gilman, V.L. Dunham, and J.P. Idoux. 2004 Undergraduate institutions as catalysts for integrating research across disciplines and communities of learners. In: Kauffman, Linda and Janet Stocks (eds.), Reinvigorating the undergraduate experience: successful models supported by NSF?s AIRE/RAIRE Program. Council on Undergraduate Research. http://www.cur.org/publications/rueril.asp. ISBN #0-941933-26-1.