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Vladislav Gulis

Associate Professor

Vladislav GulisB.S. Belarus State University

Ph.D. Belarus State University & Institute of Experimental Botany

Email: vgulis@coastal.edu
Phone: 843-349-2576
Fax: 843-349-2201
Office - KESH 229

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Courses:  Microbiology (BIOL 330/330L), Microbial Ecology (BIOL 432/532), Biological Science I (BIOL 121)

Research Interests: I am an aquatic microbial ecologist. I am especially interested in advancing our understanding of the importance of fungi and bacteria in the functioning of stream ecosystems. I am also expanding my research to coastal and marine environments. My specific research interests are:

  • The role of microorganisms in carbon and nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems
  • The relative importance of fungi vs bacteria in decomposition of plant litter in aquatic environments
  • Effects of inorganic nutrients and eutrophication on fungal and bacterial biomass and production and organic matter decomposition
  • Ecology and biodiversity of aquatic hyphomycetes

Selected Publications:

Gulis V., Suberkropp K. & Rosemond A.D. 2008. Comparison of fungal activities on wood and leaf litter in unaltered and nutrient-enriched headwater streams. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74: 1094-1101.

Gulis V., Kuehn K.A. & Suberkropp K. 2006. The role of fungi in carbon and nitrogen cycles in freshwater ecosystems. In: Gadd G.M. (Ed.) Fungi in biogeochemical cycles, pp. 404-435. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Gulis V., Ferreira V. & Graça M.A.S. 2006. Stimulation of leaf litter decomposition and associated fungi and invertebrates by moderate eutrophication: implications for stream assessment. Freshwater Biology 51: 1655-1669.

Gulis V. & Suberkropp K. 2003. Effect of inorganic nutrients on relative contributions of fungi and bacteria to carbon flow from submerged decomposing leaf litter. Microbial Ecology 45: 11-19.

Gulis V. & Stephanovich A.I. 1999. Antibiotic effects of some aquatic hyphomycetes. Mycological Research 103: 111-115.