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John J. Hutchens, Jr.

Associate Professor

John J. Hutchens, Jr. B.S. Virginia Tech
M.S. Virginia Tech
Ph.D. University of Georgia

Email: jjhutche@coastal.edu
Phone: 843-349-2169
Fax: 843-349-2201
Office - SCI 126B

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Courses:  Biological Science II (BIOL 122), Principles of Ecology (BIOL 370), Freshwater Ecology (BIOL 481/581), Conservation Ecology (BIOL 484/584), Principles of Ecology Laboratory (BIOL 370L)

Research Interests: I am an aquatic ecologist interested in the structure and function of stream and wetland ecosystems. My research focuses on understanding how human activity influences organisms and ecosystem processes in streams, freshwater wetlands, and salt marshes. Current projects in my lab include:

  • Bioassessment of tributaries of the Waccamaw River
  • Gastropod-halophyte interactions in SC salt marshes
  • Structure and function of the high marsh zone of SC salt marshes
  • Factors influencing prey capture of Venus flytraps

Selected Publications:

Hutchens, J.J., and J.O. Luken. 2009. Prey collection by the Venus flytrap: Collection or selection? Botany 87:1007-1010

Hutchens, J.J., J.A. Schuldt, C. Richards, L.B. Johnson, G.E. Host, and D.H. Breneman. 2009. Multi-scale mechanistic indicators of Midwestern USA stream macroinvertebrates. Ecological Indicators 9:1138-1150.

Laliberte, L., J.O. Luken, J.J. Hutchens, and K.S. Godwin. 2007. The ecological boundaries of six Carolina bays: community composition and ecotone distribution. Wetlands 27:873-883.

Romaniszyn, E.D., J.J. Hutchens, and J.B. Wallace. 2007. Aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate drift in southern Appalachian Mountain streams: implications for trout food resources. Freshwater Biology 52:1-11.

Hutchens, J.J., and K. Walters. 2006. Gastropod abundance and biomass relationships with salt marsh vegetation within ocean-dominated South Carolina, USA estuaries. Journal of Shellfish Research 25:947-954.