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Fang Ju Lin

Associate Professor

Fang Ju Lin
B.V.M. National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Thomas Jefferson University

Email: flin@coastal.edu
Phone: 843-349-6484
Fax: 843-349-2201
Office - KESH 119


Courses:  Biological Science I (BIOL 121), Biology of Human Cancer (BIOL 345), Cell Biology (BIOL 340), Developmental Biology (BIOL 410)

Research Interests: My research interest focuses on molecular mechanisms that control the circadian clock. Clock genes not only control the daily sleep-wake cycles in many species including humans, but also are involved in cell cycle control and development.

  • Functions of novel circadian genes from differential display screening of drosophila.
  • Light induced degradation of photoreceptor cryptochrome (CRY)

Selected Publications:

Yuan, Q., F. Lin, X. Zheng and A. Sehgal. 2005. Serotonin modulates circadian entrainment in Drosophila. Neuron 47: 115-127

Derfoul, A., F Lin, EM Awumey, T Kolodzeski, DJ Hall and RS Tuan. 2003. Estrogenic endocrine disruptive components interfere with calcium handling and differentiation of human trophoblast cells. J. Cell Biochem. 89:755-770

Lin, FJ., W. Song, E. Meyer-Bernstein, N. Naidoo., and A. Sehgal. 2001. Photic signaling by cryptochrome in the drosophila circadian system. Mol Cell Biol. 21(21): 7287-94

Tischkau SA., JA Barnes, FJ Lin, EM Myers, JW Barnes, EL Meyer-Bernstein, WJ Hurst, PW Burgoon, D Chen, A Sehgal, and MU Gillette. 1999. Oscillation and light induction of timeless mRNA in the mammalian circadian clock. J. Neurosci. 19(12): RC 15

Lin FJ., JW Fitzpatrick, CA Iannotti, DS Martin, BD Mariani, and RS Tuan. 1997. Effects of cadmium on trophoblast calcium transport. Placenta 18(4):341-56