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Scott L. Parker

Assistant Professor

Scott L. ParkerB.S. The University of California, Santa Barbara
M.S. California State University, San Bernadino
Ph. D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Email: sparker@coastal.edu
Phone: 843-349-2491
Fax: 843-349-2201
Office - KESH 230

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Courses:  Biological Science II (BIOL 122), Comparative Animal Physiology (BIOL 343), Physiological Ecology (BIOL 322)

Research Interests: I am an environmental animal physiologist broadly interested in the evolution of complex physiological processes and in how organisms respond and adapt to the environment. A major focus of my research is directed toward understanding what fundamental molecular and regulatory changes are responsible for the capacity to support intrauterine embryonic development during the evolutionary transition from oviparity (egg-laying) to viviparity (live-bearing) in reptiles. Because the evolution of physiological systems involves alterations to numerous integrated processes, my approach to research necessarily draws upon techniques and methodologies from disparate disciplines spanning molecular biology to ecology.

  • Regulation of placental angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) and its role in the evolution of viviparity
  • Evolution of placental complexity in vertebrates
  • Evolution of maternal care in reptiles
  • Nesting ecology of diamondback terrapins

Selected Publications:

Ramirez-Pinilla, M.P., S.L. Parker, C.R. Murphy, and M.B. Thompson. 2011. Variation in the uterine and chorioallantoic angiogenesis and epithelial luminal surfaces during gestation in the viviparous lizard Niveoscincus coventryi (Squamata: Scincidae) Journal of Morphology (in press).

Murphy, B. F., S.L. Parker, C.R. Murphy, and M.B. Thompson 2010. Uterine angiogenesis in the eastern water skink Eulamprus quoyii. Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 3340-3347.

Parker, S.L., F. Manconi, C.R. Murphy, and M.B. Thompson. 2009. Uterine and placental angiogenesis in the Australian skinks Ctenotus taeniolatus and Saiphos equalis. The Anatomical Record 293: 829-838.

Parker, S.L., and R.M. Andrews. 2007. Incubation temperature and phenotypic traits of Sceloporus undulatus: implications for the northern limits of distribution. Oecologia 151 (2): 218-231.

Parker S.L., and R.M. Andrews. 2006. Evolution of viviparity in sceloporine lizards: in utero PO2 as a developmental constraint during egg retention. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 79: 581-592.