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Blackboard Login Assistance

Who are you?

A new user having trouble logging in to Blackboard for the first time?
An established Blackboard user suddenly having trouble logging in?
A user who is able to login, but having trouble accessing the tools in Blackboard?

A user who is sometimes disconnected from Blackboard?

Basic Blackboard Login Issues

Are you using the correct username and password (PIN)?

Is your browser version compatible with Blackboard?

To determine your Internet browser version, select "Help" on your browser menu bar, then select "About {browser name}."

Our version of Blackboard is Blackboard Learn Release 9.1. The link below provides a list of browsers and operating systems supported by Blackboard.

Supported Browsers

Unable to connect through Coastal's Homepage?
If you have trouble connecting to Blackboard from the Coastal Carolina University Home Page, the following link will take you directly to Blackboard login page: Please make a note of this address.
If you have never logged in to Blackboard before, and you are having trouble logging in, please email for login assistance. For other technical issues related to Blackboard, please contact Student Computing Services.

Other Issues

Do you have download accelerator, spyware elimination, or adware elimination software on your computer?

You may need to disable these softwares while you are using Blackboard. They have been found to interfere with Blackboard when used in conbination with certain web browsers and operating systems.

If you do not have spyware/adware elimination software, you may have spyware on your computer which can also cause login problems. In this case, you may need to get an elimination program to clean up your computer.

Do you have an Internet companion software such as Yahoo Companion or HotBar OR do you have an Internet optimizer?

Internet companion software can interfere with access to some Blackboard functions. Disable or delete such software while using Blackboard. Your Internet Service Provider might include an Internet optimizer with your software. You might need to disable this software while using Blackboard.

When you click the Login to Blackboard link, are you being sent to a search page or an access denied screen?

Certain combinations of operating system, Internet browser, and accessory software can corrupt the address for the Blackboard login. To work around this problem, copy the web address below, paste it into the address bar in your browser, and click Go or Enter. When the login screen appears, save it as a Favorite in your web browser. Use this new link in your Favorites list to access the Blackboard login page.

Does the network or computer at your location have a Firewall?

Contact your local network administrator or change the settings on your personal firewall to allow access to Blackboard.


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