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The discipline concerning the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery will be the visual arts. Within this field the program will recognize no restrictions as to the nature of its research and programs relative to period, medium or the content approach of the art or artists. The geographic scope of the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery will focus on art and artists from the Eastern United States, but will not exclude art and artists from other parts of the world. Art in the collections of sister institutions and those of private collectors within this geographic scope will also fall under the purview of the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery program. Provisions will allow for exceptionally special exhibitions from outside the region to be presented at the facility as well.


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The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery shall operate under the following definition and shall observe all the professional and ethical standards as defined in the International Council of Museum's Statutes of Professional Ethics concerning its programs, staff, governance and fiscal management consistent with the guidelines established by Coastal Carolina University and the Coastal Carolina University Board of Directors and the School of Humanities Board of Visitors.


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The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery is responsible for all objects exhibited and will take steps to ensure their identification, interpretation, safety, and security while entrusted to the gallery.


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The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery will present six to eight exhibitions annually. The programs of the Rebecca Bryan Gallery shall strive to represent and serve a broad range of audiences and cultures. 

The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery should aim to introduce the public to a broad spectrum of art forms and traditions in both the fine arts and decorative arts. Exhibitions will range from works featuring both historic and contemporary periods; along with regional artists, crafts persons and works of local interest. 

The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery should provide and manage touring exhibitions to appropriate locations (art galleries, community art centers, and local museums) throughout its geographic region.


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The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery is responsible for the promotion and publication of research relating to its programs. 

Ultimately, the gallery seeks to maximize communication with all of its publics including artists, Coastal Carolina University students, faculty, staff and administrators, the surrounding community, media, and donors. The Gallery shall use gallery publications, evaluations, outreach programs, interpretive programs, news releases and promotional materials as channels to communicate with its identified publics.


Edwards COHFA
Room 129 

9 am - 5 pm
Monday - Friday
Closed on University Holidays 



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