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Wall Connections 2015

Theme: Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Greatness

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 27

Time: 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.

*We will continue to update the event details as they are decided*


Tentative Schedule of Events:

9:30-9:50 a.m.: Informative and breakout sessions

10-10:20 a.m.: Informative and breakout sessions.

11-11:50 a.m.: Panel Discussion with Keynote and other speakers:

Jennifer Wilson – Chief Municipal Judge (keynote)

Dipka Bhambhani – Founder of Conduit Strategies

Zola (Budd) Pieterse – Former Olympic Runner

Henrietta Golding - Attorney 

Noon-12:50 p.m.: Event for Marketing in Johnson Auditorium

Mentoring Hour for Accounting (Location TBD)                     

1-1:50 p.m.:   Event for Finance & Economics in Johnson Auditorium – Dipka Bhambhani

Mentoring Hour for Management (Location TBD)

2-2:50 p.m.:  Event for Management in Johnson Auditorium

Mentoring Hour for Finance & Economics (Location TBD)

Open Hour for Marketing & HRTM plus Accounting (Location TBD)

3-3:50 p.m.:  Event for Accounting in Johnson Auditorium

Mentoring Hour for Marketing & HRTM (Location TBD)

Open Hour for Finance & Economics plus Management (Location TBD)

Other sessions (Location TBD)

4-4:50 p.m.:   Presentations (Locations TBD)

5-6 p.m.:   Keynote Address by Jennifer Wilson (Johnson Auditorium)