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What is Finance?

Finance is one of the fundamental functions of public and private enterprise. Finance can be called both the art and science of managing money. All areas of the economy whether businesses, nonprofit institutions or government agencies have financial issues to be managed. These include acquiring and managing funds in an efficient and effective manner.

What Do Financial Professionals Do?

Almost every decision made in the business world has some type of financial impact. Therefore, a finance student is exposed to a wide array of theory, concepts, applications and analytical tools needed for effective decision making. Since essentially all business organizations are in need of individuals proficient in finance, the study of finance is designed to prepare a student for a wide variety of careers. Coastal Carolina University's finance major offers three concentrations: banking and consumer finance and wealth management . Careers may include banking, financial analysis and management, financial institutions, financial markets, financial planning, portfolio analysis and management, and multinational finance. In addition, finance is often considered a strong major for students wanting to continue on to graduate degrees in business and law school.

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