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Steps to Success


The Each 1 Teach 1 Entrepreneurship Institute developed steps to assist at-risk youth succeed.  Each 1 Teach 1 promotes the following steps to success:

  1. Recruitment: Coastal Carolina University mentors, working through the Biddle Center of Teaching, Learning & Community Engagement, will help elementary students develop basic math and literacy skills and provide parents with information about the program.
  2. Life & Entrepreneurial Skills Development: Seventh and eighth graders who are accepted into the program will participate in a three-week summer program that will help them develop life skills such as creating goals, dealing with stress, working with groups, and managing time. They will also participate in a three-week summer program (on alternate summers) that will teach them entrepreneurial skills such as thinking creatively, marketing ideas, budgeting and negotiation. The participants will be called interns, work in groups called companies and present a business plan at the end of each program.
  3. Leadership Development:Ninth and tenth graders who participate in the institute will be called employees and will be required to complete a leadership development program in the summer. The program will teach participants how to organize groups, brainstorm ideas, delegate tasks and other important leadership skills.
  4. College Preparation:Eleventh and twelfth graders who participate in the program will be called managers and will be required to participate in a monthly program offered by the Biddle Center that will help them prepare for the SAT/ACT, decide on a major, apply for financial aid, etc.
  5. Leadership Challenge: Participants who are admitted to Coastal Carolina University will become leaders. They will be expected to participate in Coastal Carolina University’s Leadership Outreach Program and to apply their leadership skills in university and community organizations.
  6. Brown Scholars:Some of the leaders will become Brown Scholars. They will work for the Each 1 Teach 1 Entrepreneurship Institute by delivering the summer programs and by mentoring interns and employees.
  7. Institutional Support:Participants who complete the program by graduating from college will become potential investors. Program alumni will be encouraged to financially support the institute, help train the scholars and make presentations in the program.


Click the highlighted link to view a visual illustration of our Steps to Success .