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Programs Completed in 2013

  • Successful Management on the High Seas (Professors Collins and Kang) – combines a Spring Break learning experience with course activities in RTMA 364, CBAD 364 or RTMA 474. 
  • Business and Culture in Europe (Professors Martin and Fine) – an interactive learning odyssey with student collaboration in partner institutions in France, Germany and Spain.  Courses offered in this program include CBAD 402 and CBAD 364.  See highlights from last year's program at http://video214.com/play/o0pjVHKCEB5vSBsJ0Z1cMw/s/dark
  • Wall Fellows European Business Study Program (TBD) – an intensive seminar engaging students in the exploration of the cultural wealth and business experience located in major European capitals.

Programs Completed in 2012

  • Business and Culture in Europe (Darla Domke-Damonte and Richard Martin - Maymester 2012)
  • Business and Culture in Asia (Jay Teets and Bomi Kang – Maymester 2012)
  • Creative Design and Management (Srinivasan Venkatraman and Chris Todd – Maymester 2012)
  • Wall Fellows European Business Study Program (Chuck Parisher and Shelley Parisher – Maymester 2012)  This program is exclusively available to Wall Fellows. To learn more about this innovative program, please visit the Wall Fellows webpage.

Applications and detailed program descriptions are available for these programs at www.coastal.edu/studyabroad. For more information, contact Darla Domke-Damonte in Wall 213C at +1 843 349 2129 or ddamonte@coastal.edu.