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Expand Your Network and Broaden Your Horizons

  • A study completed by Indiana University’s business school students who study abroad found that 96 percent of those who studied abroad reported that the experience of doing so made a difference in their career plans, with 55 percent noting that it was a notable or significant difference. Based on a comparison between Indiana University  business students who studied abroad versus those that had not, 83 percent of those who studied abroad, versus only 51 percent of those who had not indicated interest in working abroad.[1] 
  • The 2011 Apollo Research Report, Future Work Skills 2020, indicated the criticality of networks among individuals for organizations to be successful in the future and emphasized the growing importance of creative and cultural agility with an increasingly diverse workforce to respond to the global competition for talented professionals in companies. 
  • More than 20 percent of the 270,604 U.S. students studying abroad in 2009/10 were business students, which means that taking advantage of such programs can help you stay competitive with your peers. [2]
  • Study abroad programs enable you to connect to peers and professionals to open opportunities for further study, internships, job opportunities, graduate programs and other novel adventures.
  • Eight-one and one-half percent of the students studying abroad in Maymester 2012 Wall College of Business short-term study abroad programs noted that they were interested in further foreign language study and/or study abroad as a result of their study experience this May.

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