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Brandon Charpied '10

Name: Brandon Taylor Charpied

Graduation Date: MBA Class of May 2010, MBA Student of the Year

Hometown: Farmingdale, N.Y.

Employer: Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (OBTS),
a non-profit teaching society for management educators.

Undergad: Coastal Carolina University

Major: Business, focus in marketing


Why did you choose CCU’s MBA program?
My wife was a professor in the management department at the time, thus convenience was a premium. In addition, it was intriguing to be one of the first students accepted into the newly established program. 

Did you have an internship during your MBA? 

Did an MBA from CCU help you get your job?
Without question. My non-profit organization, OBTS, is a Society of PhDs in the field of organizational behavior and across other various management disciplines. My MBA from Coastal gave me the educational background and level of educational achievement needed to oversee operations and execute initiatives from within this 40 year-old Society.

Now that you are in the workforce, what do you feel is the most beneficial thing that the CCU MBA program taught/offered you?
Oddly enough, it was the one area of study that I did not believe would be tremendously useful at the time - accounting. Between the general MBA accounting course and fraud detection, the pre- and post-understanding of accounting was significant to say the least. I am now able to take my accounting knowledge and effectively apply it alongside my management and marketing background to better assist and consult for my organization.

Why should potential students consider the CCU MBA?
The simple and most obvious statement is that more education has never hurt anyone. In a society where bachelors are becoming the norm, those that wish to separate themselves from the pack need to strive for that next level of education. A Coastal MBA can provide that. Further, there is tremendous value in the degree. After graduating with my degree, I earned the cost of that degree back almost instantaneously.

What did you like most about CCU’s MBA program?
The openness to attempt new things. Given that I have the inner-working knowledge that I do about the Wall College of Business, I was anxious to see what direction the program took. While there were most certainly bumps in the road during my time in the program, the degree proved to never be shy of trying new things and being innovative. I hope that the Wall College allows for such innovation to continue so as to differentiate itself from other programs.

What class(es) and/or professor(s) influenced you the most?
Accounting (Tracy Smith, no longer employed at Coastal).

Would you recommend the CCU MBA program?
Absolutely. The program is in excellent hands with Dr. Ken Small. His guidance and objective views of the Wall College is an asset to the University. As said, while there were certainly areas that needed some smoothing out during my time in the infancy of the program, it has made significant changes for the better and I am positive it will continue to do so in the years to come.