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Brandon Cogdell '11

Name: Brandon Cogdell

Graduation Date: MBA Class of 2011

Hometown: St. Pauls, NC

Employer: U.S. Government

Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Major: Journalism



Why did you choose CCU’s MBA program? 
I used to live in Myrtle Beach and it was convenient.

Did you have an internship during your MBA?
No; I worked full time for Nestle’ Corp.

Did an MBA from CCU help you get your job? 
Yes; I now work for the Dept. of Defense.

Now that you are in the workforce, what do you feel is the most beneficial thing that the CCU MBA program taught/offered you?
It gives you an advantage in the business world through knowledge and credentials.  An MBA can be very valuable to a company because the expectation is that you will be familiar with business processes and would need less training that someone that has not been exposed to business training.

Why should potential students consider the CCU MBA? 
A potential student should consider a Coastal MBA if they are looking for a small classroom environment where they can get specialized attention from their professors.  It is also a great value for the money.

What did you like most about CCU’s MBA program? 
I likedthe classroom sizes and the flexibility of the program.  As a non-traditional student, I worked on my MBA part time and even took a couple semesters off as my workload through my employer picked up.  The school worked with me and made sure that I was in a position to complete my degree. 

What class(es) and/or professor(s) influenced you the most?
Dr. Marvin Keene, Dr. Darla Damonte and Dr. Jerome Christia.

Would you recommend the CCU MBA program?
Highly recommended

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