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Danielle DeSonia '10

Name: Danielle DeSonia

Graduation Date: December 2010

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Employer: Cherry Bekaert LLP 

Undergrad: Coastal Carolina University

Major: Accounting


Why did you choose CCU’s MBA program?
Familiar with campus/professors, low cost.

Did you have an internship during your MBA?

Did an MBA from CCU help you get your job?
Yes. I needed 150 credit hours to sit for CPA exam.

Now that you are in the workforce, what do you feel is the most beneficial thing that the CCU MBA program taught/offered you?
Probably the wide range of things we learned. Each class was different and certainly unique.

Why should potential students consider the CCU MBA?
Cost benefit. It would be a struggle to earn an MBA at other schools for the same cost, yet you benefit just as much.

What did you like most about CCU’s MBA program?
I liked the small classes. Most classes were more of a conversation than a lecture. They were very interactive.

What class(es) and/or professor(s) influenced you the most?
Tough question...Dr. Keels is awesome, Dr. Keene is tough (but so is the real world), Dr. Maguire is hilarious, and Dr. Domke-Damonte is just so smart she makes you want to learn as much as possible.

Would you recommend the CCU MBA program?

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