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Stephanie Burgess '08

Name: Stephanie Burgess

Graduation Date: May 2008

Hometown: Conway, S.C.

Employer: Santee Cooper

Undergrad: Coastal Carolina University

Major: Management


Why did you choose CCU’s MBA program?
I choose CCU's MBA program because it was local and that is where I received my undergraduate degree. 

Did you have an internship during your MBA? 

Did an MBA from CCU help you get your job?
I was already an employee at Santee Cooper, but I do believe that my MBA helped me get a promotion to my current job. 

Now that you are in the workforce, what do you feel is the most beneficial thing that the CCU MBA program taught/offered you?
The MBA program helped me have a better understanding of the business world.  It also helped guide my leadership style as well as time management. 

Why should potential students consider the CCU MBA? 
CCU's MBA program is a great program.  If students are looking for a program that will help them better themselves and prepare them for life in the business world then CCU is the program for them. 

What did you like most about CCU’s MBA program? 
The flexibility of the classes.  I worked full time so it was nice that the classes were offered in the evenings. 

What class(es) and/or professor(s) influenced you the most?
I don’t really have a specific class or professor, all of it was beneficial. 

Would you recommend the CCU MBA program?
I absolutely would and actually do recommend it to people I talk to.

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