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Meet the Law Lecture Series

A key factor for business students and future business leaders is developing the knowledge and skills in the interaction of business practices and decision making within the laws, regulatory and governmental structural environment in which businesses operate. 

Students in business schools nationwide are often introduced to the legal environment of business through business classes, readings, writing assignments and other traditional collegiate learning methods. As a college with applied focus, we believe strongly that direct experiences of students with those individuals actually engaged in the legal environment of business; those who make, interpret and/or adjudicate the laws and regulations governing business, add tremendous value to the student's understanding of the subject and the responsibilities the public expects in the conduct of business.

Logistics, student enrollment and costs make outside trips to the legal institutions prohibitive. MEET THE LAW helps us attain these objectives by bringing high profile legal and government leaders to provide a lecture, question and answer session directly with our business law students. MEET THE LAW is a unique program where students get to listen to a high-level guest from within the government-legal-business environment on key business legal and regulatory issues that impact business decision making. MEET THE LAW  is not a speech, but a topical class lecture that is available only to students enrolled in the college's business law and other related classes for that semester.

In Spring 2011, Professor Henry Lowenstein inaugurated the Wall College's new MEET THE LAW LECTURE SERIES. The first speaker was M. Owen Donley III, Chief Counsel, United States Securities and Exchange Commission from Washington, DC. Past guest speakers appear on the attached list. MEET THE LAW is normally scheduled once a semester on a Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon in the Johnson Auditorium (capacity of 220). All business law faculty consolidate their classes for this one session.