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PDA Descriptions

Included below are the descriptions of the PDAs that are currently being offered during the 2012-13 Academic Year. However, new PDAs will be added on a regular basis, so keep checking back for additional opportunities.


1.   Smart Choices: Taking Charge. Achieving Success.

Description: Success is achieved one choice at a time. This workshop, with a strong emphasis on the teachings of Stephen Covey, introduces essential life management skills to ensure that students appropriately manage their time in order to accomplish their long-term goals.

Topics include:

  • Seven areas of human wellness
  • Managing your "whole self"
  • The "Smart Choice" principles
  • The Pareto principle
  • Effective time management

Prerequisite: This is a 90 - 120 minute workshop with no prerequisites.

Functional Area: Self-Management


2.   It Is About Time: Turning Dreams into Reality

Description: This workshop builds upon the concepts introduced in the "Smart Choices" workshop with an emphasis on goal setting, increasing self-awareness and the further refinement of time management skills.

Specific topics include:

  • Setting measurable and achievable goals
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Focusing on your strengths
  • Developing a task list
  • Prioritizing activities
  • Utilizing Microsoft Outlook
  • Scheduling

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the "Smart Choices" workshop. This is a 90 - 120 minute workshop.

Functional Area: Self-Management


3.   Career Launch I: Marketing Your Success

Description: During this 90 - 120 minute session, students will be introduced to Resume Builder, Coastal Carolina University's online resume database system and how to construct an effective resume that will get noticed by potential employers.

Specific Topics include:

  • Constructing and quantifying your resume
  • Seeking an employer vesus a job
  • Using ResumeBuilder and CHANTS JobLink
  • Other online sources of employment opportunities
  • Social networking
  • Maintaining your vitual image

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Functional Area: Professional Communication


4.   Career Launch II: The Successful Interview

Description: You have created an effective resume and secured an interview. Now you must close the deal! This 90-minute workshop will assist students in preparing for an employment interview.

Specific topics include:

  1. Researching the employer
  2. Anticipating interview questions
  3. Translating your experiences into marketable skills
  4. Framing your strengths and weaknesses
  5. Following up after the interview

Functional Area: Professional Communication


5.   Internship 101: Get your career started NOW!

Description: Students that complete a paid internship in their chosen career field are sixty percent (60%) more likely to graduate from college with a job related to their major! It is critical that you get your career started before you graduate. We will discuss the entire internship process, from the search process to the final reflection paper in this 90-minute workshop.

Specific topics include:

  • Finding the right internship opportunity
  • Establishing realistic expectations
  • Defining student learning outcomes
  • Evaluations
  • Reflections on the internship experience

Prerequisite: No prerequisite

Functional Area: Fundamentals in Business


6.   Engaging Presentations

Description: Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentation? This 90 – 120 minute workshop will demonstrate how effective communicators engage their audience and create memorable presentations that deliver a clear and concise message.

Specific topics include:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Organizing your presentation
  • Effective use of audio and visual components
  • Evaluating and adding supporting information including hand-outs and workbooks
  • Responding to questions
  • Referencing information sources

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Functional Area: Professional Communication


7.   Adding an International Dimension to Your Education

Description: We live in a globally connected world. Consequently, it is important for today's college graduates to be prepared to adapt and thrive in today's global marketplace.

In this workshop, Darla Domke-Damonte, Executive Director of Global Initiatives for Coastal Carolina University, outlines the wide range of exciting study-abroad options available to students. By adding an international dimension to their education, students may be better prepared to market themselves to potential employers and to achieve their long-term career objectives.

Whether the student participates in a short-term study abroad experience or a full-semester of classes at a partner institution, Coastal Carolina University will work to tailor an international experience that meets each student"s specific needs and financial resources.

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Functional Area: Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Global Consciousness


8. A Business Card: World’s Smallest Resume

Description: A business card is the world’s smallest resume and a quick and effective way to communicate with other professionals. It also identifies you as a professional. In this activity you will develop your own business card (or learn ways to effectively use your established business card) for use in a career search or other networking activities. What should and should not be included on your business card will be discussed as well as where to place pertinent information on your business card are addressed. To complete this Professional Development Activity (PDA), attendance at “A Business Card: World’s Smallest Resume” workshop is required and submission of a printed personal business to:

Nicholas W. Twigg, D.B.A.



Wall 230C

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Functional Area: Professional Communication and Value Networks

Length of workshop: 90 minutes







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