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Wall Center for Excellence Workshop Curriculum

Class size is limited to 30 students in each workshop.

Career Launch I: Building a Resume

During this session, students will learn how to construct an effective resume that will get noticed by potential employers. Specific Topics include: • Constructing and quantifying your resume • Seeking an employer versus a job • Job search strategies

Pre-requisite: No pre-requisites


Tues, 2/259:30am - 10:30amWall 229Sign Up


Wed, 4/2 10-11:30amWall 229Sign Up

Introduction to the Internship

Students that complete a paid internship in their chosen career field are sixty percent (60%) more likely to graduate from college with a job related to their major! It is critical that you get your career started before you graduate. We will discuss the entire internship process, from the search process to the final reflection paper, in this workshop.

Specific topics include:

  • Finding the right internship opportunity
  • Estblishing realistic expectations
  • Defining student learning outcomes
  • Evaluations
  • Reflections on the internship experience

Pre-requisite: No prerequisite


Mon, 2/1011:00am - 12:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Thurs 2/273:05pm - 4:05pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 3/411:00am - 12:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Engaging Presentations

Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentation? This 90 – 120 minute workshop will demonstrate how effective communicators engage their audience and create memorable presentations that deliver a clear and concise message.

Specific topics include:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Organizing your presentation
  • Effective use of audio and visual components
  • Evaluating and adding supporting information including hand-outs and workbooks
  • Responding to questions
  • Referencing information sources

Pre-requisite: No prerequisites

A Business Card: The Worlds Smallest Resume

A business card is the world’s smallest resume and a quick and effective way to communicate with other professionals. It also identifies you as a professional. In this activity you will develop your own business card (or learn ways to effectively use your established business card) for use in a career search or other networking activities. What should and should not be included on your business card will be discussed as well as where to place pertinent information on your business card are addressed. To complete this Professional Development Activity (PDA) attendance at A Business Card: "World’s Smallest Resume" workshop is required and submission of a printed personal business card to:

Nicholas W. Twigg, D.B.A.



Wall 230C

Pre-requisite: 60-90 minuite workshop with no pre-requisites. Available to both graduate and undergraduate students.


CANCELLED CANCELLED 10:00am - 11:00amCANCELLED Wall 229Sign Up


Wed, 2/1210:00am - 11:15amWall 229Sign Up


Wed, 4/910:00am - 11:00amWall 229Sign Up

Wall Interdisciplinary Talks

These presentations provide a channel for Wall College of Business faculty to show students what type of research they do outside of class. Each talk will include a short presentation followed by questions and discussion. The schedule for the spring is coming soon.

Pre-requisite: None

Safe Zone Ally Training Sessions at Coastal Carolina University

The Safe Zone Program provides a visible network of volunteers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other individuals seeking information and assistance regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, harassment, and/or discrimination. Safe Zone Allies will participate in a two hour training session and will commit to the Safe Zone program mission. Any student who wants to become a Safe Zone Ally or would just like to learn more about LGBTQ issue should attend one of the following sessions. Sessions will be held during the following dates: Tues, Jan 28, 2-4 pm, Edwards 101 and Thurs, Feb 20, 3-5 pm, Kearns 205 and Wed, March 26, 11 am-1 pm, Kearns 205. To register for a session Call 843-349-2305 For more information, consult the Safe Zone website at www.coastal.edu/safezone.

Pre-requisite: Two (2) hour basic training with no pre-requisites.

Unleashing your Resume

You are looking to set yourself apart from the pack. You have your résumé updated and you are looking for that edge that you know you have; but how do you present it to the cruel hiring world? This workshop will demonstrate how to put your know-how, experience and personality in a graphic format that (1) reflects who you are and (2) shows a hiring manager a set of skills that is perfect for the job.

Pre-requisite: Dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) with your current résumé. Lack of a résumé. Possession of a résumé that hasn’t gotten you the attention you deserve or the job you want. 60-90 minutes workshop with time for Q&A.


Wed, 3/2610-11:30amWall 229Sign Up


Wed, 4/163:30-5pmWall 229Sign Up

Advanced Word Features & the Formal Business Report

This workshop introduces students to the advanced Word features that help them be more efficient as they craft business reports, papers, and memos for their classes not only in the Wall College of Business but also across the campus. We will pay particular attention to the use of automated headers for the use in building table of contents, reference tab for building reference sections and correct in-text citations, and extending the hyperlinking found in the Table of Contents to the full paper. To be held in Room 111.

Pre-requisite: Please bring a project/paper to work on during the 1 hour workshop. The session will be scheduled in a computer lab, but you can bring your own computer if you would prefer to use that one.


Fri, 3/73:00pm - 4:00pmWall 111Sign Up


Mon, 4/711:30pm - 12:30pmWall 111Sign Up


Thur, 2/68:15am - 9:15amWall 111Sign Up


Thurs, 3/68:15am - 9:15amWall 111Sign Up


Tues, 4/88:15am - 9:15amWall 111Sign Up


Wed., 2/511:30pm - 12:30pmWall111Sign Up

What Employers are Looking for in Applicants Today

In this session you will learn what employers are REALLY looking for in applicants. Specific topics include: • Employers Needs and Expectations • Are College Graduates Prepared for Work? • Gaps Employers See • Professionalism in the Workplace • Knowledge vs. Skills • Programming Skills • Soft Skills • Writing Skills • Seven Crucial Survival Skills

Pre-requisite: None


Thurs.-4/310:00am - 11:00amWall 229Sign Up

Beta Alpha Psi Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting and Finance Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers, including CPAs and CMAs in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their stories about their career path and help you choose a path you might want to pursue during and after college. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact with your other, faculty, and executives. Additional speaker topics coming soon.

Pre-requisite: None


Mon, 1/276:00pm - 7:00pmWhitney Hucks, Life after graduation, entering the "real world"- Wall 307Sign Up


Mon, 2/176:00pm - 7:00pmDr. McKinney, networking and self-leadership- Wall 307Sign Up


Mon, 3/246:00pm - 7:00pmDr. Mitchell on how to give and effective presentation-Wall 307Sign Up


Mon, 3/316:00pm - 7:00pmWall 307Sign Up


Mon, 4/76:00pm - 7:00pmJanet Graham, Area Manager at Myrtle Beach Area Small Business Development Center – Career and insight on starting your own business-Wall 307Sign Up

Finance/FMA Club Guest Speaker

Each semester the Finance Club hosts a variety of guest speakers relevant to the finance industry. The spring speaker schedule will be announced soon.



Thurs-2/276pmFinancial Designations by Dr. KeeneSign Up

Company Visits (held @ the Company)

In this PDA you will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes and witness the inside operations of a real business. The business visits scheduled for the fall include Native Sons (date TBD) and CoWork MYR (Thursday, April 10). Native Sons started out in 1984 as a group of eighteen local, young men who grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their goal was simple: to have fun and promote the beach lifestyle. From this simple premise, a company was born that continues to share the style and feeling of living the beach life. Today, Native Sons has evolved into one of the largest screen printing and embroidery companies on the east coast with local and national clients. In this visit you will meet with one of the owners of the company, tour the newly expanded facility in Myrtle Beach (1519 Executive Ave), and learn about how to run a successful business. For more information about the company visit: www.nativesons.com. Cowork MYR (601 21st Ave North, Myrtle Beach) is a centrally located space that offers a variety of working areas for individuals and offers all of the amenities of a modern office. Most of the area is open seating designed to encourage collaboration and be flexible in use. Cowork MYR exists to be the physical hub of innovation and entrepreneurialism with the primary goal of diversifying and growing the local economy. During this company visit meet the owner and operator of Cowork MYR and learn about start-up ventures happening in the area, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. For more information about the company visit: http://coworkmyr.com If you are in need to transportation to either of these company visits e-mail pda@coastal.edu at least one week prior to the visit date to reserve a space in the van.






Preparing for Graduate School

In this workshop, the discussion will focus on the process of preparing for grad school. Topics covered will include setting yourself up for success while an undergrad, the lifestyle changes that accompany grad school, what to do if your undergraduate studies seem unrelated to your intended course of study, conducting informational interviews with experts to better understand how a graduate education can help you achieve your goals and the admission process for graduate education.



Tues, 2/43:00pm - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 4/83:00pm - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Wed, 3/51:00pm - 2:15pmWall 229Sign Up

International Cultural Series

This series sponsors various programming focused on international cultures and travel. Programming will include short films and presentations to offer critical and cultural perspectives on the featured region.



CANCELLED 4/16 7pmAsian (This event will feature the Atlanta Chinese Dance Company)- Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 2/196pmEngland -This series sponsors various programming focused on international cultures and travel. Students from Exeter University in London and a CCU student who studied at Exeter University will be showing a short film and presenting and available for questions. Study aboard information and snacks will also be provided- Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 3/196pmRussia-Wall 116Sign Up

SHRM Club Guest Speaker

The mission of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) club is to provide an opportunity for its members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability. The SHRM interacts with students, the community, and other SHRM organizations across the country in pursuit of that goal. Each semester the SCHRM club hosts a variety of guest speakers, events and workshops. More sessions for the spring coming soon.



Tues, 2/46:00pmResume Building Workshop With CCU Coordinator of Employer Relations/Career Counselor Sara Wise-Wall 307Sign Up

Marketing Club Guest Speaker

The goal of the Marketing Club is to provide students with the training and tools they will need to succeed in the marketing profession. Students work with local, regional and national companies by conducting marketing research and spearheading various projects, which helps them gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom. They also host speakers from a variety of different companies and organizations throughout the semester. The schedule for the spring coming soon.


Coastal Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) Guest Speaker

The CEO club is an organization that is focused on hands-on experience in planning, starting and running businesses, and other revenue-generating operations. The club also engages in outreach and education about entrepreneurship through the PDAs that the club hosts. The spring PDA schedule will be announced soon.


Beta Gamma Sigma Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their personal stories, provide career advice, and share valuable business insights. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact and network with fellow students, faculty, and business professionals. The schedule of speakers coming soon.


Jaycees Organization Guest Speakers

The Jaycees is an international organization. Junior Chamber International (JCI) is its international arm, with nearly 200,000 young active citizens and over five million alumni - including several world leaders. The United States Junior Chamber exists for active young citizens ages 18 to 40, who bring energy and insight to solving problems locally and around the world. Becoming a member of the Jaycees is a step in the right direction if you are looking to branch out, meet new people, become a civic leader, find new challenges, develop professional skills and make new connections locally, nationally and internationally. As part of its service to he Coastal community Jaycees hosts a variety of PDAs throughout the year.



Sat., 4/5This session is Open to Jaycees Members Only. To become a member email ccujci@gmail.com. JCI Achieve course uses discussions and analogies to help members understand one’s own values and the values and principles of JCI, the role of all members in establishing the Local Organization’s identity, the activities needed to fulfill JCI Mission and develop JCI members into active citizens who will create positive changes in the communities. JCI Achieve is a half day course and should be taken by all new members who want to fully understand the principles, meaning, purpose and dynamics of a JCI Local Organization. Sign Up


Sat., 4/5This session is Open to Jaycees Members Only. To become a member email ccujci@gmail.com. JCI Admin is the JCI Local Organization Management Course recommended for any member who wants to become member of the local board and a leader at any level in the Local Organization. The course covers the structure of the local board, management of the Local Organization affairs and the responsibility of the Local Organization in providing development opportunities that will empower JCI members to create positive change in and outside JCI. JCI Admin should be taken by all members who want to fully understand the dynamics of the management, and administration of a JCI Local Organization Sign Up


Sun., 4/62-5pmThis session is open to ALL students. JCI Networking is a workshop on turning your personal contacts into lasting, trusted and productive connections and relationships. The workshop covers the principles and dynamics of networking, how to identify and use the opportunities when contacting people, the follow up actions needed after meeting the person to keep adding value to the connection and how to use the participation in club activities to build a reputation that will establish a network of connections for the future.-Wall 321Sign Up


Sun., 4/6This session is Open to Jaycees Members Only. To become a member email ccujci@gmail.com. JCI Impact is a course aimed for JCI members who want to become active citizens and make long lasting positive changes in their communities. The course discusses the active citizenship concept, covers the analysis of community needs, the establishment of the real causes of problems and discusses the projects a Local Organization can conduct with other partners in order to create long lasting and definite positive changes in the community. Sign Up

Career Launch II: The Successful Interview

This workshop will assist students in preparing for an employment interview. Specific topics include: - Researching the employer - Anticipating interview questions - Translating your experiences into marketable skills - Framing your strengths and weaknesses - Following up after the interview



Fri, 3/213:00 -4:00 pmWall 229Sign Up


Mon, 3/241:00pm - 2:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 2/181:00 -2:00 pmWall 229Sign Up

Executive in Residence (EIR) Speaker Series

The Wall College of Business Administration maintains an Executive in Residence program for the mutual benefit of its business students, faculty and the executives who comprise the program. As part of their service to the university executives deliver a wide array of PDAs, including panels on current topics in business, presentations on areas of expertise, industry insights, and advice on preparing for the "working" world. For background information on participating executives visit: https://www.coastal.edu/business/executivesinresidence/ and http://www.coastal.edu/business/departments/mds/davedoerring/. See below for the EIR schedule for the spring. Additional EIR PDAs coming soon...



Fri, 2/283:00 - 4:00pmBudgeting and Forecasting by David Doerring. Specific topics include: Why you want a personal budget, How businesses use budgets, Capturing the relevant information to build a budget, Building a budgeting tool (Excel), Inputs for a better forecast, and Building a forecast model- Wall 229 Sign Up


Fri, 4/43:00 - -4:30pmPanel of Executives Discussing the Employer’s Perspective in Hiring and Developing New Employees. The Panel will conclude with a Q&A Session Answering Questions on Other Aspects of Career Development and Management- Wall 229Sign Up


Fri- 3/283-4pmBuilding your Online Reputation by Pete Gasca. Key points include: Business trends in social media, the most popular and most useful types of social media, shaping your online presence before others shape it for you, how to use social media and other online platforms as a networking, career and professional development tool, other benefits of social media, understanding the permanence and dangers of the Internet, and controlling your personal brand-Wall 229Sign Up


Wed, 2/2612:30 - 1:30pmBetter Living Through Making and Selling Drugs: An Insiders Look into the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry by David Fink- Wall 229Sign Up

Using LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

Main points covered in the PDA include • What is LinkedIn • How employers use LinkedIn • Setting up your own LinkedIn page • Using LinkedIn to find jobs and internships • Considerations when using linked in



Tues, 3/42:00pm - 3:15pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 4/152:00pm - 3:15pmWall 229Sign Up

Celebration of Inquiry

Actor, director, and producer George C. Scott once noted that, “The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” Indeed, throughout history people have been challenged by wars, diseases, natural disasters, and personal tragedies. Yet, time and time again people have found ways to overcome, learn, and grow from tragedies. The 2014 Celebration of Inquiry, which will take place on April 1 and 2 of 2014, will celebrate the human spirit, its strength, its resiliency, and its grace. The main events during the Celebration of Inquiry will count as approved PDAs. The main events include the following: 1) Opening Panel Discussion with Keynote & Plenary Speakers tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. in Wheelwright Auditorium, 2) Plenary Speaker Dr. Eric Brown on Ethics & the Environment tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Johnson Auditorium, 3) Keynote address by Joe Moglia tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in Wheelwright Auditorium, 4) Plenary Speaker Winona LaDuke on Society & Gender tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 from 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. in Johnson Auditorium, and 5) Plenary Speaker Dr. Nikki Finney on Arts and Humanities tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 from 4:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. in Johnson Auditorium Students can only earn a maximum of one PDA for this event. Therefore, attending any number of the sessions listed above will count for a total of 1 PDA credit. To earn PDA credit you must make sure to sign in with your Student ID number, name, and e-mail address during the session. For more information on the event and the complete schedule visit www.coastal.edu/inquiry


Budgeting for Your Future

In this PDA you will learn how to manage your finances. Topics include creating a personal budget, credit card, loan, and other debt management strategies, retirement options, and financial and personal goal-setting.



3/261:00pm - 2:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Create the Life of Your Dreams 3 Inches by 5 Inches at a Time

This PDA reveals how to get everything you want out of life by using the same systematic goal setting approach America’s highest income earners use. Local entrepreneur and MBA student, Shane Boyd, will show you not only how to choose your income but also how to choose what type of career is the perfect match for you so you will not only earn a high income, but have a high quality of life. Rest assured this is not your typical S-M-A-R-T goal setting workshop. Your actions today dictate your future. Are your actions focused…or haphazard? Don’t leave your future to chance. Create it with 100% certainty! This workshop will show you how.



Tues, 2/111:00pm - 2:00pm Shane Boyd (GS)Wall 229Sign Up

How to Be a Leader

In this PDA you will learn about how to be an effective leader and will have the opportunity to practice and improve your leadership skills through interactive activities and real-life scenarios. Other points covered in the PDA include Strategic Orientation & Leadership The Leadership Box Keys to Success Why Leadership Fails Purpose Ethics and Keeping Yourself on Track Hitch Hikers, Couch Potatoes and Lone Wolves



Wed, 2/26 11-12pmWall 229Sign Up

What’s in your wallet? Pay yourself first: street-wise advice to filling your wallet legally from a seasoned veteran of the corporate wars (Sponsored by Beta Gamma Sigma)

This is a two-part PDA that addresses the personal finance aspect of employment, especially the hidden benefits as well as the up front ones that you should harness in order to establish personal and family financial security. This is a topic that requires immediate attention as soon as you get your first job. Successful early management of this aspect of financial planning, enables you to devote your best efforts to your job and career without distraction This course is modeled on a course that is integral to the Wall Fellows curriculum where the motto is to prepare you for your last job. The PDA is delivered by Henry Jobe. Mr. Jobe grew up in Greensboro, N.C. He graduated with a degree in economics from Guilford College and received his M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina’s Graduate School of Business. After graduation, he joined Dilliard Paper Company where he spent much of his career; he was elected to the Board of Directors and was later promoted to President until Dillard became a part of International Paper. He continued as an executive for International Paper until 2001. He now serves on the Wall Fellows Board and teaches several segments of the Wall Fellow classes.



Mon, 3/31 5:15pm - 6:15pmWall 319Sign Up


Mon, 4/14 5:15pm - 6:15pmWall 319Sign Up

Insights into Personality (Sponsored by Beta Gamma Sigma)

This PDA is a fun, practical, and interactive program designed to give individuals greater tools for understanding themselves and others. The goal is to help participants recognize personal behaviors and tendencies, as well as to understand how differing personality types relate to one another. Participants will also learn how various personality types work in the world and discuss what the various styles value in everyday living. This is an opportunity to improve communication and team building skills both in your family and professional endeavors. The seminar is based on the research of Dr. Robert Rohm and the DISC behavioral tool.



Mon, 2/105:15pm - 6:15pm Gina MarklandWall 319Sign Up

Current and Future Business Environment in China

A faculty member from the International School, Huaqiao University in Quanzhou, Fujian, China will present via web conferencing on the Current and Future Business Environment in China. Attendees of the PDA will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter following the presentation.



Fri, 4/118:00am - 9:00amWall 304Sign Up

The National Society of Leadership and Success Speaker Series

The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. This semester the Society will sponsor the following webcasts. For more information about the Society and for the complete speaker bios visit: http://www.societyleadership.org/events/speakers.php



Tues-2/11 6:45pmWebcast by Jim Cramer on Getting Rich Carefully." Highlights of the webcast include: Giving college debt students a fighting chance, Fuel your dreams by making money work for you, Understand the value of the stock market, and Discover the difference between low risk investing and high risk investing -Wall 116Sign Up

Numbers and Bytes Club Speaker Series

Numbers and Bytes is a club focused on technology, networking, job opportunities, and gaming. The schedule of PDA approved events hosted by the N&B club is listed below. More events coming soon...



Thurs, 3/66pmCEO of JVZoo.com Byran Zimmerman-Learn about his journey from construction worker to successful internet startup CEO. Hear the challenges and rewards of running a multi-million dollar startup along with many inspirational and motivational tips and tricks. (Coastal Science Center Room 206)Sign Up

Hannah Davis (founder/CEO of BANGS Shoes)

As a twenty-six year old social entrepreneur, Hannah Davis has a unique opportunity to connect with University students on a close level, working to inspire them to take action with the knowledge individuals DO hold the power to make a positive difference. This PDA details the inspiration and conceptualization of the BANGS brand, obstacles Hannah faced in the past and obstacles she foresees in the future. The session will conclude with a Q&A. BANGS exists to change the way consumers think about social development. We are a social enterprise, closely connected with 6 nonprofit partners whose initiatives focus on sustainable methods of change. Fueled by the sale of fun, funky BANGS shoes, our model invests 20% of net profits into our partners. BANGS unique branding and marketing channels help BANGS consumers understand how their purchase affects long-term, sustainable development and, most importantly, why sustainable development is imperative for future change. For more information, visit www.bangsshoes.com.



Mon, 4/74-5:00pmWall 116 (Johnson Auditorium)Sign Up

Identity Theft Awareness and Compliance

This PDA will be delivered by Legal Shield Group Benefits Specialists Sherri Miller and Ann Palmer. Key topics of the workshop include: What is Identity Theft, Types of Identify Theft, Recent Trends, Prevention and Restoration Strategies, How to Safeguard Your Identify Online, Data Breaches, Your Digital Footprint, Business Compliance Requirements and Protecting Your Consumers and Employees



Tues.4/1512-1pmWall 229Sign Up

Faculty Mentoring Sessions

Pre-requisite: Each department within the Wall College of Business arranges mentoring sessions in which students have the opportunity to meet faculty members, and learn about the majors, internships, career, research and leadership opportunities in their discipline. See below for the schedule of mentoring sessions for this semester.


Wed., 4/93-5pm For Accounting, Finance, and Economics Majors-Wall 222 (Wall Boardroom)Sign Up

ETS Senior Exit Exam

ETS Senior Exit Exam for all business majors. The test is 2 hours long. You will need something to write with during the exam. Cell phones, calculators, and notes or paper to write on are not allowed.

Pre-requisite: NO PDA CREDIT GIVEN FOR TAKING THE ETS EXAM You must be currently enrolled in CBAD 478 Strategic Management


7/1/20148:00amWall 108Sign Up


7/1/201410:00amWall 108Sign Up