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PDA Tracking and Recording

It is ultimately each student’s responsibility to ensure the required number of Professional Development Activities (PDAs) is completed prior to graduation. The Wall Center for Excellence will track participation in PDAs, however students must bring their Student ID to every PDA they attend and sign attendance sheets and/or swipe their Student ID to receive credit. In some cases, usually when a PDA is off campus or online or is sponsored by another organization, students will need to complete an External PDA Credit form, which can be found by clicking hereto request to earn PDA credit. This additional requirement will be specified within that particular PDA description and/or flyer. If a student’s record does not reflect participation in a specific PDA, the student must bring the matter to the attention of the Wall Center for Excellence by submitting an appeal by the end of the semester in which the PDA in question took place.

How to Check Your PDA Attendance

Students can view their PDA attendance records on their Program Evaluation (which can be accessed via WebAdvisor) under the section labeled "Professional Development Activities.” PDA attendance will be updated to the system within three weeks of the event date. Please note the names of the PDAs on the Program Evaluation may look different than those listed on the PDA schedule. In many cases, the PDAs on the Program Evaluation will be grouped into broader categories, such as the following:

In addition, the date listed for the PDA on the Program Evaluation will not correspond to the date the PDA occurred, but rather the date the attendance was uploaded to the system. Therefore, when referring to the Program Evaluation you will only want to check that the appropriate number of PDAs are recorded rather than focusing on the specific PDA types, names or dates.

PDA 100B Major and Career Opportunities in Business
PDA 200B Experiential Opportunities in Business
PDA 300B Professional Profile
PDA 400B Transitioning to Professional

How to Correct Your PDA Attendance Record

The Program Evaluation will be the used to verify the successful completion of the PDA graduation requirement during the graduation application process. Therefore, if your PDA record on the Program Evaluation is inaccurate, you MUST bring the matter to the attention of the Wall Center for Excellence by submitting an appeal or you risk not being able to graduate on time.