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Wall Fellows Program

The Wall Fellows Program is uniquely designed to prepare top students across all of the colleges of Coastal Carolina University for high-level careers in major U.S. and international organizations.

Students are chosen for the Wall Fellows Program through a rigorous application process in the second semester of their sophomore year which starts with a detailed written application and includes three different levels of personal interviews. The two-year program includes a required three credit hour course each semester that covers specific nontraditional areas including interpersonal and communications skills, ethics, business and social etiquette, and cross cultural skills. These skills prepare the Wall Fellows for a series of internships, including at least one required full time semester long internship away from campus with a major organization, as well as the opportunity for international experiences.

In addition, the Wall Fellows interact with key outside leaders in workshops and mentoring experiences designed to broaden their classroom learning opportunities.

Finally, the Wall Fellows serve the university and local communities through work with various organizations, including hosting visiting dignitaries and working at community development events on behalf of the university.

Please explore our website and learn more about the program, the people currently in it and those who have graduated from the program, as well as the application process and the program curriculum.

If you have questions about the program, contact the Wall Fellows office at 843-349-2761.

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