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Wall Center for Excellence Workshop Curriculum

Class size is limited to 30 students in each workshop.

Career Launch I: Building a Resume

During this session, students will learn how to construct an effective resume that will get noticed by potential employers. Specific Topics include: • Constructing and quantifying your resume • Seeking an employer versus a job • Job search strategies

Pre-requisite: No pre-requisites


Mon, 2/164:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up


Tu., 3/34:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up


Wed, 4/810:00 - 11:00amWall 222Sign Up

Introduction to the Internship

Students that complete a paid internship in their chosen career field are sixty percent (60%) more likely to graduate from college with a job related to their major! It is critical that you get your career started before you graduate. We will discuss the entire internship process, from the search process to the final reflection paper, in this workshop.

Specific topics include:

  • Finding the right internship opportunity
  • Estblishing realistic expectations
  • Defining student learning outcomes
  • Evaluations
  • Reflections on the internship experience

Pre-requisite: No prerequisite


Fri, 2/2011:00am - 12:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Fri, 3/272:00 - 3:00pmThis PDA replaces the one originally scheduled for Wed., 3/4 and will be held in Wall 229Sign Up


Mon, 1/264:00 - 5:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 4/710:00 - 11:00amWall 229Sign Up


Wed., 3/4Rescheduled 2:00 - 3:00pmCANCELLED - Wall 229Sign Up

A Business Card: The Worlds Smallest Resume - Change of Room to Wall 317

A business card is the world’s smallest resume and a quick and effective way to communicate with other professionals. It also identifies you as a professional. In this activity you will develop your own business card (or learn ways to effectively use your established business card) for use in a career search or other networking activities. What should and should not be included on your business card will be discussed as well as where to place pertinent information on your business card are addressed. Advice on networking and establishing credibility will also be provided in the session To complete this Professional Development Activity (PDA) attendance at A Business Card: "World’s Smallest Resume" workshop is required and submission of a printed personal business card to the main Wall Center Office located in Wall 228.



Wed, 3/182:00 - 3:00pmWall 317 - Change of RoomSign Up

Safe Zone Ally Training Sessions at Coastal Carolina University

The Safe Zone Program provides a visible network of volunteers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other individuals seeking information and assistance regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, harassment, and/or discrimination. Safe Zone Allies will participate in a two hour training session and will commit to the Safe Zone program mission. Any student who wants to become a Safe Zone Ally or would just like to learn more about LGBTQ issue should attend. To register for a session Call 843-349-2305 For more information, consult the Safe Zone website at www.coastal.edu/safezone. Make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented. Trainings for this semester will fall on the following dates/time: Tues, Jan 27, 1-3 pm, Eaglin 221, Thurs, Feb 5, 5-7 pm, Eaglin 221, Wed, March 25, 11am-1 pm, Eaglin 221 Mon, April 20, 3-5 pm, Eaglin 221.

Pre-requisite: Two (2) hour basic training with no pre-requisites.

Unleashing your Resume

You are looking to set yourself apart from the pack. You have your résumé updated and you are looking for that edge that you know you have; but how do you present it to the cruel hiring world? This workshop will demonstrate how to put your know-how, experience and personality in a graphic format that (1) reflects who you are and (2) shows a hiring manager a set of skills that is perfect for the job.

Pre-requisite: Dissatisfaction (or satisfaction) with your current résumé. Lack of a résumé. Possession of a résumé that hasn’t gotten you the attention you deserve or the job you want. 60-90 minutes workshop with time for Q&A.


Mon, 3/234:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up

Advanced Word 1: Report Structure, Table of Contents & Citations

This advanced word session covers the major parts of any business report structure and its creation using the style guides. It addresses the creation of table of contents and the use of the reference function to insert APA style citations and reference pages. To be held in Room 111.

Pre-requisite: Please bring a project/paper to work on during the 1 hour workshop. The session will be scheduled in a computer lab, but you can bring your own computer if you would prefer to use that one.


Fri, 1/3011:30am - 12:30pmWall 111Sign Up


Fri, 2/611:00am - 12:00pmWall 111Sign Up


Mon, 3/3011:00am - 12:00pmWall 111Sign Up


Thurs 3/58:00am - 9:00amWall 111Sign Up

Beta Alpha Psi Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting and Finance Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers, including CPAs and CMAs in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their stories about their career path and help you choose a path you might want to pursue during and after college. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact with your other, faculty, and executives. Additional speaker topics coming soon.

Pre-requisite: None

Finance/FMA Club Guest Speaker

Each semester the Finance Club hosts a variety of guest speakers relevant to the finance industry. The speaker schedule for this semester will be announced soon.



4/76pmMs. Rebecca Hardwick of First Citizens Bank in Myrtle Beach will be speaking about the retail and commercial banking industries and possible internships within the bank- Wall 229Sign Up


Tue., 2/246pmMr. Ellison Smith will be discussing financial management. -Wall 229Sign Up

Company Visits (held @ the Company)

The purpose of this PDA is to give students firsthand exposure to business cultures, working environments and the world of work. The structure of the visits vary by company, but typically include a company overview presentation and discussion of its core business strategies, a tour of the facility, discussion of job opportunities, an chance to meet members of the leadership team, and a Q&A session. Limited space is available for these visits so you must sign up below.



Thurs 2/263:30 - 4:30pmPostponed until the fall: Blue Cross Blue Shield (8733 Highway 17 Byp S, Surfside Beach, SC 29575-7711) - one of the largest employers in Horry County. Tentatively scheduled for 2/26 at 3:30pmSign Up

Preparing for Graduate School

In this workshop, the discussion will focus on the process of preparing for grad school. Topics covered will include setting yourself up for success while an undergrad, the lifestyle changes that accompany grad school, what to do if your undergraduate studies seem unrelated to your intended course of study, conducting informational interviews with experts to better understand how a graduate education can help you achieve your goals and the admission process for graduate education.



Fri, 4/102:00 - 3:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 2/104:00 - 5:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Wed, 4/110:00 - 11:00amWall 229Sign Up

International Cultural Series

This series sponsors various programming focused on international cultures and travel. Programming will include short films and presentations to offer critical and cultural perspectives on the featured region.


SHRM Club Sponsored PDAs

The mission of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) club is to provide an opportunity for its members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability. The SHRM interacts with students, the community, and other SHRM organizations across the country in pursuit of that goal. Each semester the SCHRM club hosts a variety of guest speakers, events and workshops. Sessions will be announced soon.



Mon, 3/166pmCANCELLED - Etiquette Dinner: We are hosting an Etiquette Dinner presented by Mrs. Connie Jones of the LIFE Program. During the dinner Mrs. Jones will discuss the importance of professional business etiquette during an interview process over a meal. The presenter will instruct and demonstrate the correct usage of eating utensils, the usage of the napkin, and beverages. The Professional Etiquette Dinner will also cover correct procedures and accidents which might occur during an interview. Contact Sierra: svgreen1@coastal.edu to RSVP. Cost of Attendance:$15- All SHRM MEMBERS, $19- NON- SHRM MEMBERS -Located in the Kline Hospitality SuiteSign Up


Mon, 3/25:15pmResume Builder Workshop: We are hosting an Resume Building Workshop presented by Mr. Robert Bulsza, Director of Internships and Service Learning here at Coastal Carolina University. During the workshop Mr. Bulsza will discuss important items that should be included in your resume and how to make your resume stand out. At the end of the workshop Mr. Bulsza and Mrs. Raymond will work one-on-one with students to help with resumes.-Wall 307Sign Up

Marketing Club Guest Speaker

The goal of the Marketing Club is to provide students with the training and tools they will need to succeed in the marketing profession. Students work with local, regional and national companies by conducting marketing research and spearheading various projects, which helps them gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom. They also host speakers from a variety of different companies and organizations throughout the semester. The schedule for this semester coming soon.


Coastal Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) Guest Speaker

The CEO club is an organization that is focused on hands-on experience in planning, starting and running businesses, and other revenue-generating operations. The club also engages in outreach and education about entrepreneurship through the PDAs that the club hosts. The PDA schedule will be announced soon.


Beta Gamma Sigma Speaker Series

Each semester Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society, hosts a variety of guest speakers in the local area and other business leaders. The speakers share their personal stories, provide career advice, and share valuable business insights. These sessions also provide a great opportunity to interact and network with fellow students, faculty, and business professionals. The schedule of speakers coming soon.



Mon, 2/24:00 - 5:00pmAudience-Centric Presentations - No more terror of public speaking! No more "death by PowerPoint!" Learn the powerful, entertaining value of Audience-Centric Presentations. Lee Mednikow, a SCORE volunteer with 30 years of marketing and sales experience, will help you connect with your audience, create PowerPoint presentations with real punch, and effectively use humor without being a joke teller. - Wall 116; 4:00 - 5:00pmSign Up


Th., 2/1912pmMeet the Leader of Business Speaker Series. This PDA involves a live video broadcast of a presentation by President and CEO; Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of McCoy Coproration.- Wall 229Sign Up

Jaycees Organization Guest Speakers

The Jaycees is an international organization. Junior Chamber International (JCI) is its international arm, with nearly 200,000 young active citizens and over five million alumni - including several world leaders. The United States Junior Chamber exists for active young citizens ages 18 to 40, who bring energy and insight to solving problems locally and around the world. Becoming a member of the Jaycees is a step in the right direction if you are looking to branch out, meet new people, become a civic leader, find new challenges, develop professional skills and make new connections locally, nationally and internationally. As part of its service to he Coastal community Jaycees hosts a variety of PDAs throughout the year.


Career Launch II: The Successful Interview

This workshop will assist students in preparing for an employment interview. Specific topics include: - Researching the employer - Anticipating interview questions - Translating your experiences into marketable skills - Framing your strengths and weaknesses - Following up after the interview



Mon, 3/304:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up


Thurs 2/2612:00 - 1:00pmWall 116Sign Up

Executive in Residence (EIR) Speaker Series

The Wall College of Business Administration maintains an Executive in Residence program for the mutual benefit of its business students, faculty and the executives who comprise the program. As part of their service to the university executives deliver a wide array of PDAs, including panels on current topics in business, presentations on areas of expertise, industry insights, and advice on preparing for the "working" world. For background information on participating executives visit: https://www.coastal.edu/business/executivesinresidence/ and http://www.coastal.edu/business/departments/mds/davedoerring/. See below for the EIR schedule for the spring. Additional EIR PDAs coming soon...



Mon, 4/134:00 - 5:00pmPanel of Executives Discussing Their Personal Journeys through a Series of Jobs, Employers Perspective in Hiring, and General Advice on Career and Professional Development. The Panel will conclude with a Question and Answer Session. Wall 116Sign Up

Using LinkedIn as a Networking Tool

Main points covered in the PDA include • What is LinkedIn • How employers use LinkedIn • Setting up your own LinkedIn page • Using LinkedIn to find jobs and internships • Considerations when using linked in



Mon, 3/164:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up

Budgeting for Your Future

In this PDA you will learn how to manage your finances. Topics include creating a personal budget, credit card, loan, and other debt management strategies, retirement options, and financial and personal goal-setting.



Wed, 3/41:00pm - 2:00pmWall 116Sign Up

Identity Theft Awareness and Compliance

This PDA will be delivered by Legal Shield Group Benefits Specialists Sherri Miller and Ann Palmer. Key topics of the workshop include: What is Identity Theft, Types of Identify Theft, Recent Trends, Prevention and Restoration Strategies, How to Safeguard Your Identify Online, Data Breaches, Your Digital Footprint, Business Compliance Requirements and Protecting Your Consumers and Employees



Fri, 2/201:00 - 2:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Faculty Mentoring Sessions

Each department within the Wall College of Business arranges mentoring sessions in which students have the opportunity to meet faculty members, and learn about the majors, internships, career, research and leadership opportunities in their discipline. See below for the schedule of mentoring sessions for this semester.

Pre-requisite: These PDAs are intended to assist students with Exploring Major and Career Options in Business.

WCOB Distinguished Speaker Series

This purpose of this program is to connect the CCU academic community with highly regarded business leaders and to strengthen the relationship between the Wall College and the business community. See below for the speaker schedule for the upcoming semester.



Thurs 2/194:00 - 5:00pmJeremy Samatas, President and CEO/Partner of Nexgen Partners, LLC will be discussing his career path through a series of jobs in the business field. Located in Student Union A110 Theater AuditoriumSign Up


Tues, 3/244:00 - 5:00pmMr. Richard V. Pilosof will be sharing information about his career progression as well as provide career advice to upcoming professionals. Mr. Pilosof is Managing Partner, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Risk at RP Investment Advisors. Previously, Mr. Pilosof served as the Managing Director and Head of Global Debt Markets at RBC Capital Markets LLC. In 1987, he had the distinction of becoming the youngest of the firms Managing Director at age 27, the same year he was appointed as the Head of Domestic Fixed Income Trading. More information about Mr. Pilosof can be found at http://www.torontolife.com/style/toronto-homes/2012/03/20/great-spaces-this-new-house. Wall 116Sign Up

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business (Nick)

Description: When making the “go, no go” decision for starting a new business, answering several clarifying questions can help you decide if you’re really ready for the task ahead, or if more research and planning are necessary. This PDA will walk you through those key questions. Topics include formulating a vision, idea (expanding your vision into a tangible idea), marketing (determining if there is anyone to sell it do?) and finance (if there is a market, how much do I have to charge?)



Thurs 4/93:00 - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Tues, 4/7 CANCELLED 3:00 - 4:00pmCANCELLED Wall 229Sign Up

Experience Your World -Enrich Your Life by Studying Abroad

We live in a globally connected world. Consequently, it is important for today"s college graduates to be prepared to adapt and thrive in today"s global marketplace. In this workshop, Dr. Yoav Wachsman, Director of International Programs and Special Projects, outlines the wide range of exciting study-abroad options available to students. By adding an international dimension to their education, students may be better prepared to market themselves to potential employers and to achieve their long-term career objectives. Whether the student participates in a short-term study abroad experience or a full-semester of classes at a partner institution, Coastal Carolina University will work to tailor an international experience that meets each student"s specific needs and financial resources.



Mon, 2/94:00 - 5:00pmWall 116Sign Up


Tu, 4/73pmWall 229Sign Up

Career Insights from Business Professionals Speaker Series

These PDAs will consist of current and former business professionals discussing their work background and career progression and offering their expertise and firsthand advice as it relates to a variety of business related careers, functional areas, job types and industries.

Pre-requisite: These PDAs are intended to assist students with Exploring Major and Career Options in Business.


Mon, 2/234:00 - 5:00pmMerrill Boyce will share his expertise and experiences as it relates to careers in the auto industry, Wall 116Sign Up


Wed, 3/44:00 - 5:00pmDerrick Nunziante (President, Eastern Business Brokers and Consultants - www.easternbbc.com will discuss his career path and his business consulting bussiness. Wall 222Sign Up

LiveWell@CCU Programs

Sponsored by Counseling Services LiveWell@CCU is a series of speakers, workshops and other programs that are centered around the topics of sexual violence, health and wellness, and diversity. The following LiveWell@CCU sessions have been approved as PDAs due to their relevance to both a school and workplace environment. Since these sessions are external to the Wall Center you will need to make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented.



Thurs 1/227:00 - 8:00pmSleep Disturbances - The Long and Endless Night, Thursday, January 22nd, 7 p.m. (Jonathan Glass) This program will teach strategies for improving sleep and addressing difficulties such as not falling asleep, waking up often during the night and have trouble going back to sleep, walking up too early in the morning, and un-refreshing sleep. Wall 109Sign Up


Thurs 2/125:00 - 6:00pmStress Management – Thursday, February 12th, 5 p.m. (Alex Boutakova-Klintworth) Join this discussion on how to recognize and approach stress from the mindfulness-based perspective. Wall 210Sign Up


Thurs 2/123:00 - 4:00pmS’more Lovin? The differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships: spotting the red flags for Relationship Violence- Thursday, February 12th, 3 p.m. (Elizabeth Carter) This interactive educational workshop about Healthy Relationships will help you identify healthy and unhealthy relationships, as well as resources for anyone who may be in an unhealthy relationship. We will supply s’mores and conversations as Valentine’s Day approaches. Wall 109Sign Up


Thurs 2/197:00 - 8:00pmProblem Solving – Thursday, February 19th, 7 p.m. (Jonathan Glass) This program will teach students to evaluate information, explore feelings and expectations, and address various ways of approaching and resolving problems. Wall 109Sign Up


Thurs 3/195:00 - 6:00pmOMG ! -- I’m Losing It! -- Thursday, March 19th, 5 p.m. (Chris Donevant-Haines) Feeling “overwhelmed” is one of the top reasons that college students seek counseling at CCU each year. This session is designed to assist students on how to recognize the signs of stress and provide many strategies and techniques that can utilized in a variety of situations. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a guided imagery meditation and practice other relaxation techniques. Wall 210Sign Up


Thurs 3/197:00 - 8:00pmConflict Resolution/Relationship Violence: I Love Him/Her So Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Thursday, March 19th, 7 p.m. (Jonathan Glass) Sexual violence often occurs in intimate relationships. Learn how to manage conflict in your relationships and spot relationship violence to prevent violence to reduce the risk of violence. Wall 210Sign Up


Tues, 1/275:00 - 6:00pmHow the University Responds to Title IX Student Complaints- Tuesday, January 27 5 p.m. (Dean of Students Office) Ever wondered what the University does after a Title IX related complaint? Come and find how Coastal Carolina University works to implement support systems for students reporting Title IX related issues. Wall 109Sign Up


Tues, 2/244:00 - 5:00pmSocial Anxiety – Tuesday, February 24th at 4 p.m. (Sean Pierce) 40 million American adults have social anxiety disorder. This program will discuss what Social Anxiety is and what can be done to help those who suffer . Wall 211Sign Up


Tues, 3/244:00 - 5:00pmEnter Sandman: Why Sleep Should Matter to You – Tuesday, March 24th, 4 p.m. (Nicole Rushing) Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling refreshed? During this program, students will discuss how sleep impacts their grades, mood, and physical health. Students will also identify unhelpful sleep habits and learn strategies for improving sleep. Wall 211Sign Up


Wed, 2/115:00 - 6:00pmLegal Advocacy for Survivors of Sexual Violence – Weds. February 11th, 5 p.m. (Bev Mitchell) Survivors of sexual violence often need assistance in navigating the complicated legal system. Many survivors have never dealt with lawyers, prosecuting attorneys and judges or even ever been inside a courtroom. This session will describe the processes included in legal advocacy and participants will have the opportunity to discover the benefits of having an experienced legal advocate aid in this complex process. Wall 211Sign Up


Wed, 2/184:00 - 5:00pmEmotion Regulation – Wednesday, February 18th , 4 p.m. (Sean Pierce) This is a hands on participatory discussion on techniques, strategies and tips to help you master your own emotions and let them work for you instead of against you in times of distress. Wall 205Sign Up

Jackson Center Events

The primary focus of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values is to cultivate awareness throughout the academic and surrounding communities of the importance and lifelong rewards of personal and professional integrity. Each year the Jackson Center for Ethics hosts a series of events for the purpose of engaging students and community members in lively discussion of ethical issues. The following Jackson Center sessions have been approved as PDAs . Since these sessions are external to the Wall Center you will need to make sure to let the session facilitator know that you are seeking PDA credit to ensure your attendance is properly documented.



Thurs 1/294:00 - 5:00pmThe Moral Basis of Capitalism. Michael Latta, Ph.D., Johnson Auditorium, Wall 116Sign Up

Alliance Abroad Presentation on Internships in Australia

Description: Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has been the leader of international recruitment for over 20 years. Since 1992, the company has successfully matched more than 100,000 international students with many of the world’s leading tourism and hospitality companies. Representatives from the organization will be coming to campus to discuss exciting internship opportunities in Australia that you can take part in as a CCU student! For more information visit: http://www.allianceabroad.com/


Transfer Student Guide to the 3Ps at CCU

Programs, Policies, and Procedures – they are all part of the world as we know it. Every school and every workplace will have their own P’s, and understanding how to navigate the 3P’s is an essential life skill. Transfer students – get the answers to your questions about planning your degree program at the Wall College of Business, and find out how to make the 3P’s work for you here at CCU.

Pre-requisite: This PDA is restricted to new transfer students ONLY.

T.E.A.L. Series-Sponsored by OSAL

T.E.A.L. stands for TEACHING EVERYONE ABOUT LEADERSHIP. As the name suggests, these programs are open and available to all students! These will provide student organizations and any students who attend, the chance to enhance their leadership skills in a collaborative setting. The Office of Student Activities (OSAL) will be offering the following TEAL programs this semester.


Be a Seller not a Teller

Whether you are challenged by what to say on the phone to get an appointment, don’t know what to say when the prospect says “no thanks” or have other selling questions, this workshop is for you. SCORE Mentor Lee Mednikow who has successfully “closed the deal” countless times will take you through the selling process from planning through customer service after the sale.



Mon, 2/911:00am - 12:00pmWall 116Sign Up

Living and Studying in China

Suwei Zou (Wendi) is an exchange student from the Beijing Language and Culture University in China. She will share her firsthand experience about living and studying in China.



Tues, 2/174:00 - 5:00pmWall 229Sign Up

The Road Best Traveled: Tips for International and Domestic Travel

This PDA will provide use tips for students that will be going on an international and domestic travel trip in the near future.



Wed, 2/252:00 - 3:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Building Your Professional Portfolio

Learn how to create a professional profile that you can showcase to potential employers. Both paper and online portfolio options will be discussed. This session will be held in a computer lab. You will have the opportunity to start building your portfolio while in the workshop. So, it is advised that you have access to digital files that you would want to include in your portfolio, such as your resume, work or school projects, publications, presentations, etc.



Fri, 3/272:00 - 3:00pmWall 111Sign Up

Audience-Centric Presentations

Audience-Centric Presentations - No more terror of public speaking! No more "death by PowerPoint!" Learn the powerful, entertaining value of Audience-Centric Presentations. Lee Mednikow, a SCORE volunteer with 30 years of marketing and sales experience, will help you connect with your audience, create PowerPoint presentations with real punch, and effectively use humor without being a joke teller.



Mon 2-24pmWall 116 (Johnson Auditorium)Sign Up

How to Ask for Help

In this PDA Dr. Michael Latta, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, will walk you through the vital process of “asking for help” by reviewing the “who,” the “what,” the “why,” the “where,” the “when” and the “how.”



Tues, 3/17CANCELLED 2:00 - 3:00pmCANCELLED Wall 229Sign Up

Advanced Word 2: Sections and Page Numbers, Tables, and Hyperlinking

This advanced word session covers the use of section breaks to allow for different types of page numbering and table formatting. It addresses how to use colors to create professional looking tables and the appropriate structure for a series of tables. Finally, it addresses how to create bookmarks within a document to facilitate hyperlinking between parts of a report.

Pre-requisite: Please bring a project/paper to work on during the 1 hour workshop. The session will be scheduled in a computer lab, but you can bring your own computer if you would prefer to use that one.


Fri, 3/6CANCELLED 11:00am - 12:00pmCANCELLED Wall 111Sign Up


Thurs 2/128:00am - 9:00amWall 111Sign Up


Thurs 4/28:00am - 9:00amWall 111Sign Up

How to Prepare for the Career Fair by Nicole Wesley

Stand out from the crowd at a Career Fair by learning important tips and guidelines to better prepare you for the event.



Fri, 3/201:00 - 2:00pmWall 229 for 3/20 PDA (Note CCU’s Career Fair is Wednesday, March 25 from 12:30pm-3:30pm in Williams-Brice Kimbel Arena.)Sign Up


Thurs 3/53:00 - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Building your Online Reputation by Pete Gasca

Key points include: Business trends in social media, the most popular and most useful types of social media, shaping your online presence before others shape it for you, how to use social media and other online platforms as a networking, career and professional development tool, other benefits of social media, understanding the permanence and dangers of the Internet, and controlling your personal brand.



Mon, 4/611:00am - 12:00pmWall 229Sign Up


Thurs 3/263:00 - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

What Employers Look for in Recent College Graduates by Nicole Wesley

Learn NOW what important skills, qualities, and attributes employers look for in recent college graduates so you have time to acquire and enhance these attributes to better market yourself post-graduation.



Fri, 2/203:00 - 4:00pmWall 229Sign Up

Speed Interviewing Event

This event is sponsored by Career Services. More info coming soon....



Tu, 3/243-5pmLib Jackson A 201Sign Up

ACCT 631 Fraud Examination Class Student Presentations

In this PDA you will have the opportunity to view presentations being delivered by Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program students to their assigned Clients (TLCs Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor, A&Es Wild Transport, Jupiter Entertainment, and The Weinstein Company) as part of their ACCT 631 Fraud Examination class. The presentation will involve an analysis of film production tax incentives (PTIs) available across all 50 states, a discussion of the potential frauds for the various types of PTIs, and recommendations that will provide The Clients and states with opportunities to build location filming industry revenue while minimizing the potential for tax incentive fraud. This PDA is an excellent opportunity for any student looking to gain exposure to the MAcc program here at CCU and to also learn about issues pertaining to tax fraud.



Wed, 4/156pmWall 308Sign Up



Pre-requisite: Students must be currently enrolled in CBAD 478 in order to take the ETS Exit Exam.


F, 4/24/152:00 - 4:00pmTBDSign Up

Entrepreneurial Leadership Presentations/Documentaries

Students from MGMT 320: Entrepreneurial Leadership will be presenting their self-produced documentaries on the lives, experiences, challenges, and successes of entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.



4/143pmWall 319Sign Up


4/163pmWall 317Sign Up