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Major & Career Selection

Major & Career Selection

Career Services works collaboratively with academic departments, faculty members, and student services to enhance a student's career development. Students work with a career counselor to explore their interests, abilities, values, and personality through the use of the following activities and career assessments: **

Career Assessment Tools | What to do with this Major? | Career Exploration |

**Career and Major counseling is $75 unless you are a current Coastal Carolina student, Alumni, or a prospective Coastal Carolina student who has already completed an application with the admissions department.

Career Assessment Tools



TypeFocus is an online assessment tool that allows you to investigate your interests and values and search for potential career paths. Once you know which career paths interest you the most, you can begin to pick a major. TypeFocus also has links to relevant information about hundreds of careers and to additional resources. To use this assessment, simply click on the link below.



Strong Interest Inventory


Strong Interest Inventory is an instrument designed to help individuals identify areas of career interest and then identify occupations that best fit these interests. It will show you where to start your search or focus your efforts by comparing your interests to the interests of people who enjoy their jobs. It covers over 120 different job titles.

If you think you are interested or want to see if this test is right for you, come on in or call and make an appointment (843) 349-2341.


Myers Briggs (MBTI)


Myers Briggs (MBTI) is a personality assessment. Responses to series of questions are assessed to determine what preferences for certain personality characteristics or temperaments individuals may have. The occupations of individuals with similar personality types who enjoy their jobs are explored to determine potential career options.

If you think you are interested or want to see if this test is right for you, come on in or call and make an appointment (843) 349-2341.

What Can I Do With This Major?

This is an interactive computer program that assists students in researching occupations they can pursue with various majors. It provides information on common career paths for a specific major, potential employers, and strategies to maximize career opportunities.


Career Exploration

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable information about a variety of career fields. The handbook describes job responsibilities, work environment, training and education requirements, salary, and expected job prospects.


Inside Jobs

By combining data, expert opinions, and firsthand testimonials, Inside Jobs has created a comprehensive site to research career fields. Search over 15,000 career profiles for valuable information.



Job Shadowing

This is an opportunity to spend time in a real-life work setting to observe a professional in your career field of interest. Job Shadowing allows students to gain exposure to a career to determine if it would be a good fit. For more information on Job Shadowing, come on in or call and make an appointment (843) 349-2341.


Additional Resources


Identify Sectors/Fields of Interest
Identify Your Desired Work Tasks
Work Values