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Tom Woodle Tom Woodle, Ph.D., NCC
Director of Career Services Center
843-349-2357  |
Robert Bulsza Robert Bulsza, M.A., LPC
Director of Internships and Service Learning
843-234-3450  |
‌‌ Karen Arnie, M.A.
Career Counselor/Employment Coordinator
843-349-2559  | 
Sara Wise Sara Wise, B.A.
Career Counselor/Outreach Coordinator
843-349-2889  |
Jodie Tadlock Jodie Tadlock, B.S.
Employer Recruitment Assistant
843-349-2343  |
Jennifer Erauth Jennifer Erauth, A.S.
Administrative Specialist
843-349-2341  |
Yvonne Lasane Yvonne Lasane, A.S.
Administrative Support Specialist, Internships
843-349-6433  |