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Resume Builder

Use the RESUME BUILDER to view samples of resumes for your major and create your own professional resume. It is easy to upload your resume and apply on-line.

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Upload your resume and search for:

  • Internships
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ATTENTION! To enter Chants JobLink and Resume Builder you will need to use your Coastal email address as your username and your specific JobLink password, mailed to you at the beginning of the year. This is different from your general Coastal password.

If you have forgotten this system-generated password, type your email address in the username box and click, Forgot My Password. The system will immediately send your JobLink password to your Coastal email account.
Note: Your regular CCU password will not work on this system.

Once logged in, click on the Resume Builder Link located in the Shortcuts Menu


Guidelines for Resume Writing

A resume is used to market yourself to prospective employers, as well as for applications for internships, grad school, scholarships, etc. It is a highlight of your relevant skills, education, and experience. It is important to spend ample time preparing your resume to effectively sell you skills to potential employers.

Resume Basics:

  • Most undergraduate resume are one page. It should be visually appealing and easy to follow with 10-12 size font in styles that are easy to read. When printing your resume use neutral professional style resume paper.
  • Typical sections include Objective, Education, Honors & Awards, Work Experience, Leadership & Activities, Research Experience, and Skills.
  • Your resume should be focused towards your intended goal, highlighting relevant skills and experience. The top skills that employers seek are communication and interpersonal skills, initiative and creativity, and leadership.
  • Use job descriptions to emphasize your transferable skills and accomplishments. Job descriptions should be written in bulleted format starting with action-orientated verbs.

Additional Resume Writing Tips

Resume and Cover Letter PPT (pdf)
Resume Writing (pdf)