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Tips, Tricks and Training to Hack Your Semester

The Fall semester is almost here, and CeTEAL would like to help you Hack Your Semester! During the week of Aug 3, we will offer four jam-packed days of sessions on effective teaching, cool technology and more. 

The full schedule of sessions for Aug 3 - Aug 6 is listed below.
Register here. 

Monday, August 3

8:00am  Introduction to Moodle
9:00am  How to Get Students to Hack Your Syllabus
10:30am  What To Do the First Day of Class
1:00pm  Course Design: Goals and SLOs (Bloom's)
3:00pm  Creating Effective Assignments

Tuesday, August 4

9:00am  Getting Students To Do the Reading
10:30am  The Amazing 3x5 Notecard and CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques)
1:00pm  Classroom Motivation and Management
3:00pm  Student Engagement Techniques

Wednesday, August 5

9:00am  Designing Effective PowerPoints
10:30am  The Flipped Classroom: Rethinking Your Class Time
1:00pm  Moodle Gradebook
2:00pm  Streamlining Your Grading in Moodle
3:30pm  3-in-30 Communication Tools for the Classroom

Thursday, August 6

9:00am  Instructor Toolkit
10:30am  Using Screen Capture for Creating Course Content
12:00pm  3-in-30 Infographics
1:00pm  10 Tools for Organizing Your Moodle Course
2:00pm  Cool Tech Tools
3:00pm  Best Practices with Echo 360


CeTEAL Sessions