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Taxi Company

Phone Number


Absolute Taxi (843) 333-3333

20% off (6 or less)

Absolute Limos (843) 458-3182

Call Randy for group discount

(7 or more)

Anchor Taxi (843) 444-0101

$5 to Broadway if 8+ people
20% off if less than 8

Atlantic Cab (843) 457-3017 20% off to all locations
Beachside Cab (843) 445-9999 10% off to Myrtle Beach
Broadway Cab (843) 360-3946 20% off fares to the airport


Zipcar Car Sharing Logo

Having a car on campus just got a whole lot easier.

 The 411 on Zipcar

Our student staff has put together an easy rundown of Zipcar and how it can help you!


• Cost

- $25 annual membership fee (Good for first year only)

- Register here: Zipcar.com/coastalcarolina/

-This November, Zipcar invites you to get out and explore the world beyond campus. To get you started, Zipcar is offering all current members $15 in free driving. Use the promo code THANKSGIVING15 to redeem your credit, then simply reserve and drive.

- Zipcar card will be mailed to you.

- Hourly rates range from $7.50 - $9.50 per hour (depending on car and day).

- Overage fee starts at $.25 and up (depending on car and day).


• To reserve a car

- Login with created username and password.

- Choose the time slot that you want to reserve using the sliding bar.

- Reserve up to 24 hours at a time.

- Pay online with a credit/debit card.


• How to use the car:

- To unlock the car, place your Zipcar member card onto the designated spot on the windshield.

- The keys are tethered inside the car.

- Always check the car for damage before use, report any damage to the number on your member card.


• Benefits

- Each reservation covers:

1. Driving (up to 180 miles per day)

2. Insurance

3. Gas card located in car for when you need to fill up.

* Going over 180 miles will cause additional fees per mile driven.


Join today at Zipcar.com/coastalcarolina.

For more information on ID and/or documents needed for international students, please refer to www.zipcar.com/apply/foreign-drivers.