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Biochemistry Major

What does a Biochemistry major study?

Biochemistry is on the interface between the chemical and biological universe, with particular attention paid to the study of life.   A Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry will give student the chemical understanding of the biological world that surrounds us.   Students in this major will take introductory and advance courses in both the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology.

Why study biochemistry at Coastal Carolina University?

    • A unique major that spans two very exciting disciplines.  A degree is biochemistry will prepare you for a wide variety of post-graduate (M.S., Ph.D., M.D., D.O., and D.D.S) such as graduate programs in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, medical, or dental school.


    • Students will have an opportunity to work with faculty on independent research programs.  Recent topics include viruses, prions, and enzyme kinetics.


    • Coastal Carolina University’s unique biochemistry degree offers an ability to take certain upper-level science courses so you can custom tailor your degree to the career you wish to pursue; allowing you to be more competitive.


  • The state of the art instrumentation and laboratory techniques will provide you valuable tools in your pursuit of your career.


What are some career options for biochemistry majors?

Basic research                        Forensics                                    Biotechnology

Food science                          Doctor                                          Teaching

Quality control                        Pharmaceuticals                        Dental

Bioinformatics Forensics      Medical Research


What kind of courses do biochemistry majors take?

BIOL 340                        Cell Biology

BIOL 350                        Genetics

CHEM 351                        Biochemistry I

CHEM 352                        Biochemistry II

CHEM 353                        Physical Biochemistry


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